Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So while we were in Fayetteville we went to the Children's Museum called Fascinate-U. I had heard about it through a friend and I wanted to take her while we were in town. I'm glad that things worked out and that we were able to go b/c it was something different for her to do and she seemed to have had a good time. Jason and I even enjoyed it too.
What is it you ask? Well it has lots of different things or places that would be in a city. For example, it had a post office, hospital, a dentist office, fire department, a bank, and a grocery store etc. So here are some pictures and a little story to go along with them...
Maddie and Jonas working hard (or hardly working) on the construction site.

This here is Dr. Adams and she'll be scrubbing in on your surgery. I know she looks young but just lay back and relax...There's NOTHING to worry about!! ;o)

This here is Dr. Adams as well (twin sister). Dr Adams is showing us the proper way to brush our teeth and get rid of the cavity bugs to keep our teeth healthy and clean so we don't have to go through what that guy is having to. Geez, if that was a wisdom tooth then I'd say that he's probably pretty dumb.

Here she got to do experiments. Luckily she didn't blow up the place. (mixing colored water together) Yellow and Blue make Green!!

Here is Maddie doing one of her favoritest things to do!! Play dress up!!! I'm not sure what she's wearing but she still looks cute to me.

Yes that is a real snake and she is touching it. You won't believe what she did? She was in this snake's face acting like she was rubbing noses with it. SICK!! What was she THINKING??

Here's Judge Maddie and you'd better listen up b/c I hear that she's pretty tough. And then there's Mail Lady Maddie with a letter for you.
Yes it is true!! This girl can do everything. Here she's answering 911 calls but she asked them to hold on b/c she needs to get her Mommy.
Well not only does she answer the call but she actually has to go out on the call too. Firefighter Maddie has a little fun sliding down the pole before suiting up and then heading out . She made a call for back up. Good thing her brother is always there for her.

Here's our future football player and if Jonas keeps growing as fast as he has been then this helmet will actually fit him before we know it.

These three pics are of Maddie doing some shopping. It was funny to see what she chose to put in her shopping cart. She first saw the pastry section and grabbed all the doughnuts they had b/c she LOVES the powdered doughnuts in a bags. She then got a carton of milk, box of juices, a box of cookies, a box of fish nuggets which she thought was chicken nuggets, a lobster b/c she loves to watch them in the tank at Wal-Mart, some shrimpies as we call them b/c she LOVES shrimp just like her Daddy, and last but not least some healthy stuff...Oranges. Well after she finished up her shopping, she headed to the check out where she seemed to know the Cashier pretty well as you can tell. And just like a woman she decided to just do it herself and then left me with the bill. Go Figure!!!!

Lieutenant Adams was called in on a Special Ops Stake Out. Here she is seeing if there's anything going on down below.
Now after a long, hard day of work, she finally can get some rest.