Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch

at Briley's Farm

On Saturday, November 1st, though the pictures say Oct 31st, the kids and I went to a local Pumpkin Patch. Jason was on his way with the team to Florida for the game that weekend. I had been wanting to take Maddie since she missed the chance to go with our church play group last month when she was sick. This pumpkin patch is the same place that we went to in the spring to pick strawberries. It's really nice and has a lots of cool things to do. It's called Briley's Farm and there they have a small petting zoo and 5 nice swing sets. Since it's fall at the moment, they have some things for adults like corn mazes and they have a hay ride which we rode down to the pumpkin patch on which was pretty much empty. They had some crates that were full of pumpkins and other gourds and things.

So let me start off by telling you what it was like trying to find this place. Well like I had said we had been there before in like April to pick strawberries so I thought I knew how to get there but I thought wrong. On the way there both kids fell asleep which was great b/c I ended up being totally on the wrong road. I drove up and down this same road I don't know how many times looking for the road it was on. Any way I drove around that part of Greenville for like an hour and then decided that it had been long enough and that the kids had had a good enough nap so I finally stopped and asked someone and I had been only one block over the whole time. Anyway so we finally got there!!!
We went to just ride the hayride and see the animals and pumpkins. I had heard that the hayride was free and was disappointed when we got there and discovered that it wasn't. I had even looked on the website but it didn't say anything about it. Well I wasn't sure if I had any cash b/c I like NEVER do but luckily I did have a few dollars and some quarters, enough to ride. So here is a picture of her running to the tractor with her ticket in her hand.

She was so excited. As she was running she said, "Madison likes tractors. I ride Papa's (Avery) tractor." Then she hands the driver our tickets and climbs on and sits down. Then she says that she likes to sit on the hay. She thought that was pretty neat. So we started off with Maddie on one side and then she wanted her lil brother to come sit with her so here are some pictures of them riding on the hayride.
See how sweet she is? She was holding on to her little brother. They're Buddies!!!

Notice their shirts...they say Monkey say, Monkey Do, Monkey get in trouble too!! Maddie LOVES this shirt. She thinks it's funny and she likes that her and Jonas match. It's cute the way she says it too if you ask her what her shirt says.

Look at my poor baby's rash around his mouth. He's just such a drooler!!

Both playing with the hay here.

Jonas was eating the hay and so Maddie thought she'd help her lil brother out. So she start feeding it to him. I don't know what she was thinking. LOL

Look at that smile, that just makes me melt. Ohhhhh, I love him!!

Well here is a picture of the pumpkin patch. It's pretty pathetic but what do you expect in November? They've all been picked over.

Here's Madison as we ride by the strawberry patch, checkin' it out.

This is Madison after I told her that we'll have to come back and pick some when they are big and red. So if you can't tell, she's excited!!

Well after the hayride we ran into a pretty scary but awfully cute ghost and we were able to catch a picture of it.

After we ran into the frightening ghost we happen to cross paths with a troubley silly scarecrow.

At the end of our outing, we came to the area that was full of crates with pumpkins. Here's the biggest one that we saw there. Someone had already carved it though but it resembles someone I know. How about you?

Here's the kids, holding what Maddie called "silly pumpkins" b/c she said they look like they have tushies!! Oh how funny that was!

Here are some of the kids sitting amongst the picked pumpkins. I wish we had gone to the patch before they had picked them all but at least I have these.
Isn't that a sweet little smile??

Jonas is hiding in the pumpkins, can you find him? Like Where's Waldo?

Maddie hangin out on a pumpkin. She thought it was funny that Jonas was...well see for yourself...

Eating a little gourd. Seriously, he tries to eat everything!

Here he was banging on the pumpkin like it was a drum, a typical boy.

Maddie looking sweet. She's just so pretty. She's my baby girl and I love her!!!!

Here's Maddie in the little kids maze, she didn't quite get the hang of it. She was looking at me like Mom how do I get out of here.

Like I had said in the beginning, they have a petting zoo but unfortunatly it was roped off due to some e-coli scare or something, I'm still not clear on all of that. Maddie was not happy about not being able to pet and feed them but I got her distracted with the playgrounds. Here she is on the slides.

Well that was our trip to Briley's Pumpkin Patch. We all had fun and can't wait until it's strawberry picking time and hopefully we will be able to pet the animals.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So which Princess are you now?

So as most of you know, our little Maddie LOVES the Disney Princesses. She loves them so much that every day she is at least one of them, and I said AT LEAST one of them. On this particular day she was ALL of them, ok maybe not all of them but pretty much. Well just take a look you'll see what I mean...

Here is Madison Joyce sporting her Cinderella dress. Not sure why out of all her dresses she chose this one as her "Cinderella dress", maybe b/c it's her biggest and poofiest one. IDK, but here she's dancing. And then she stops and says (in her words), Madison's prince not here. I asked her, "well where is he?" "Daddy's at school." Then I asked her, " so is daddy your prince?" "yeah and he has my shoe" she said. And after that she runs around saying, " I hear the clock. Oh no, I lost my shoe." Oh how fast she caught on to all of this. My girly girl, I love it!!

Moving on now, here's Madison still dancing and this time she's posing as Aurora or otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty. This is a costume that I bought for her from a 50% Halloween Sale and even though it's not Princess Aurora's dress, with her imagination it is!

Tale as old as time, song as old a rhyme, Beauty and the Beast!!! Yep, you guessed it. This is Belle!!! And her Daddy is also the Beast who ends up becoming the prince too. Isn't she just adorable? Now why she chose this dress for Belle, I do understand. Dancing here as well. She also grabs her dress and curtsy. It's almost like watching a play when she plays dress-up.

In this picture she's Tinkerbell and this is why she now has wings. Tinkerbell isn't actually a princess but Maddie loves her b/c she's seen pictures of when she was Tinkerbell for Halloween 2 years ago. She likes to think that she can fly too.

So of course if you have Tinkerbell, you must have a Peter Pan and a Captain Hook. So here is Peter being tortured by Hook by stealing his paci.

Well Tink found it funny that Hook was using the "hook" to steal Pan's paci so she wanted to try it out and she was trying to unzip little Peter Pan's Jammies with it. Boy, that Hook sure is cute but evil ;o) !!!!

Well here is Snow White and minus the 6 dwarfs. Maddie is dancing with Dopey and talking to him like he is going to talk back to her.

Maddie is wearing one of my shirts that she likes to pretend is a dress, her Snow White dress of course. Now she's all done with her dress up though she is still waiting for her prince to come home and dance with her.

Busy Mom!!

I just wanted to make a short blog to apologize on how slack I've gotten with my page but it's hard to find time to sit down and blog. Jonas is diffinitely on the move now so with that and our active little Maddie, I'm always busy with something. And because I don't really get a whole lot done during the day with them awake, my usual blog time was naps and bedtime but now that's consumed by the daily house chores soooooo now you see why it's hard to check a minute of blogging time. Well please forgive me and I'll see if I can get a little better.