Friday, September 12, 2008

Our chalk creations

Here's Maddie posing for me so I can draw her.

Here's the end result. (yeah, I know that I'm no artist.)

Do you see the resemblance? LOL

Maddie also wanted me to draw an alligator, so here she is with her alligator.

Playing catch up in pics (June)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pics of my Baby Boy (July)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pics of Jonas from August

6 months already

I can't believe that my little man is already 6 months old...a half a year. ALREADY!!! Gosh, do you know what that means? That means in another short 6 months that my baby boy will be 1. I'm just not ready for that, b/c I know how fast it goes by. I mean time just flew by with Madison and now she's 2 and quickly approaching 2 1/2. I tell ya, time disappears after you have kids. It just flies right by you and then before you know it, you are a grandparent. Oh I just wanna cry. I wish there really was a universal remote that could put my life in slow motion (like the movie Click). Soon enough Maddie will be in school and then Jonas will be 2 which I wouldn't mind having a fast forward button for, ha, ha!!

Ok so I'm over with my pity party now on to Jonas' new things. Well he is sitting up on his own now. He babbles all the time but now he does this high pitched squeal. But the funniest thing is the bear crawl that he does. I'll have to get some video on here of it but it's so funny to watch him to this to get around, and he does get around. It's hard to explain but he gets up on his hands and FEET and pretty much inches up like a worm b/c he's up and down but he makes it around the room. So no he isn't exactly crawling but Yes he is on the move.

I know that this blog has mostly been full of things that Maddie has been doing but not in any way do I favor one child more, it's just that Maddie just seems to be the one that's causing all the drama here at our house. So here's some pics of our sweet baby boy.

Hand, foot, and mouth...

So have you guys ever heard of this...hand, foot, and mouth disease? I know Carmen, Krissy and Cathryn have since they had this unpleasant experience last summer. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have the slightest idea of what it was. WELLLLL, now it's my family's turn with this unpleasant stuff.
Last week Maddie had a fever of 102 and she just wasn't herself (the normal, high energy little girl) and she also had two little sores inside her bottom lip. We didn't really think anything of it b/c she is cutting her two last molars. Well then on Monday, I started having a sore throat but Jason had one last week as well and so I just thought that he had given it to me. Then these sores popped up in my mouth but I thought it was from stress which I had said in my blog the other day. Then last night, I started complaining to Jason how all this stuff started all at once with the sore throat and the sore in my mouth and NOW I have these little blistery pimples on my hands and feet and they hurt. Then Jason mentions that it sounds like Hand, Foot and Mouth.
So this morning, I look at Maddie's mouth and her sores were gone but there were little pimples on her feet and hands but were almost gone. So then I do a search for it on Web MD and to a T it was describing what I had. I also called the doctor to make sure that there wasn't anything that we needed to do but she agreed that it did sound like hand, foot, and mouth. And that there isn't really anything you can do but stick it out and let it run it's course (about a week), which sucks b/c my mouth hurts so bad. I don't wanna eat or speak or brush my teeth. PAINFUL!!
Well when Jason came home I told him that he was right and it was H,F, and Mouth. Then we started trying to figure out where Maddie got it and then we realized that Jason had a sore throat and sores in his mouth and he remembered that he had some little bumps on his hands a week or two earlier. So we got it from him but where he got it...who knows. But to all you guys out there just be aware of the symptoms: fever, sore throat, sores in or around mouth, blistery pimples on hands and feet and occasionally on buttocks. Yeah, it's not fun!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another *W* for ECU

This past Saturday we played West Virginia and it was predicted that we would lose by like a touchdown or so. So I'd like to take this time to say, HA, HA!!! IN YOUR FACE WV!!! YOU KNOW WE DOMINATED YOU!! WAY TO GO PIRATES!!!!!

Ok now that I got that out of the way the final score was ECU 24 / WV 3. That's pretty sad but oh well, another win for ECU. By the start of things, looks like we'll have a great season. That makes two nationally ranked teams that we have beaten. And at the start of the season we weren't really even ranked. I mean we were like 26th but they don't really consider you ranked unless you are in the top 25. But we are ranked now. We went from 26th to 14th and we'll just keep moving up. PIRATE PRIDE!!!!

Jason's family came with us to the game so there's some pics of them as well. David( Jason's Dad),Tresea(stepmom), Morgan(stepsister), and of course Jason, Madison and Jonas and as usual none of me. So here's lots of pics...


Yeah so can you say STRESSED OUT!! So the phrase "TROUBLE TWOS" is no joke. There's just been a lot going on in our family and I finally had a break down the other day and it casued some horribly painful sores or ulcers in my mouth, like 5 or 6. UGHHHHH!

But I just feel like a terrible mom but I don't know what to do with Maddie. I know she isn't a bad child and that she's just the typical 2 year old but I just don't know how to handle it. It seems like nothing works. Her biggest problem is that she doesn't listen. I can tell her to do something and it's like she's laughing in my face. I have no patience. I use to feel like I was actually a patient person but all that has gone out the window. All patience GONE!!! Does anyone else feel like this out there??!!!??? Please say YES.

After my break down, I tried to think level-headed about all this. I think I know why it's like this. And of course, just like most parenting problems, I realized that it isn't really my child, and that it was ME...the parent!! I have always known that you shouldn't threaten to do something if you aren't going to act on it. But I didn't realize how much I have been doing that. I also didn't realize the cycle that I had started. The Cycle: I wake up in the morning and everyday I'm still tired and b/c I'm tired, I feel like I don't have the energy to put action into my threats so a lot of the time things go unpunished or I act on emotions which don't teach anything. So with that she still goes around acting like a crazy child which continues to drain me day after day. Where as if I would just take the time to really disipline her the correct way after a while of doing it, she'll understand what is acceptable and what isn't and we will both be happier and I'll have some energy left at the end of the day. So now this is the plan. I just hope it works and if it doesn't then I'll go back to Plan A and that was to call "SUPER NANNY". Though Jason said that she isn't bad enough for the show and that we'd have to teach her a few naughty words and a few more naughty things and well if worse comes to worse... NAHHHHH I'm just kidding but let's just pray that our new plan works. From watching Super Nanny and John & Kate + 8, I have now changed her time out spot to the rug at the front door instead of the chair in her room or even her bed at times. This way she's not tempted to get down and play or whatever and it's a neutral spot and I can keep my eye on her. The disadvantage is that now I actually have to hear her cry and I can't just close the door. But like I said, I think at the end of the day we will all be happier. Even Jason, though he isn't here throughout the day, if I'm happier, we all know that he'll be happier and less nagged at. :o) LOL

So this was just one of those blogs to vent a little and to let everyone know what it's like over on our end. And if anyone is going thru the same, just know now that you aren't alone!! And GOOD LUCK to you.

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's been a while...

Sorry folks!! Things around here have been hectic lately and I have been out of town some too. Well I'll start off with what's been happening. Well on Thurs. the 28th of Aug, I went to Fayetteville and stayed with a friend of mine, Maria Staley. Then Fri, I traveled to see my family in Charlotte. And on Sat, Maddie and I went to the ECU vs. Virginia Tech at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte. Oh it was soooo hot. But what an awesome game it was. And the most important thing about it was that we WON!!!! ECU 27/ VT 22 GOOOOO PIRATES!!! It was so exciting and well worth all the heat and sweat. After the game we went back to my parents house and then we went to a little city festival. I think Maddie had fun with the little that she got to do but it started to rain as soon as we got there. Sunday morning we went to church with the family and then we headed back thru Fayetteville. We went to visit Jason's Dad and step mom. Maddie went swimming with her granddaddy which made her happy b/c all she talks about when it comes to seeing her granddaddy is "maddie go to the pool". She loves the water. Well then Mon, we hung out there for a while and then headed home and went to a party at a friends' house. So we all had a lot of fun. Jason was with the game the whole time so we didn't see him except for at the game and then when we came home on Monday. He had a blast as well. It was pretty much a once in a lifetime thing, being able to stand on the field and cheer in a huge, professional stadium like that. And he was on ESPN, which he has always wanted as well.