Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jonas' Dr Appt

Yesterday was Jonas' Appt at Duke Eye Center for his ptosis problem. We got up a little earlier than usual and got the kids ready and headed over to a friends house to drop Maddie off. She got to play with her friend, Brody from Nursery. We dropped her off around 745am and then headed to Durham. It was about an hour and 45 min drive. Our appt was at 10. Surprisingly, we got there and we were called back into the room within like 5-10 mins. The doctor checked a few things, asked some questions, and then dilated him and we were back into the waiting room in like 10, maybe 15 mins. We had to wait like 20 mins for his eyes to fully dilate but we were called back again right away. While she was checking him, she discusses with us her findings which were that she believes that his "lid lag" is improving and it isn't harming anything so surgery at this time isn't even a question. During this check, she notices that when he looks up his right eye pulls out to the side, called a slight strabismus. Because of this and it being so minor, she would like for us to patch his eye only 30 mins a day. We will need to go back in April for her to check up on the progress of this but other than that, that was it. Jonas did really well, as usual he was happy and smiling at everyone.
So we came back home and picked Maddie up. She had a lot of fun at Brody's house. He has a swing set and she got to go outside and play on that since it was such a nice warm day(70 degrees). And she must have played hard b/c she fell asleep on the way home and it's only like 10 mins away.
So the morning went well but our afternoon and the whole rest of the day and night wasn't anything like that. We still have NOOOOO idea what was wrong but Jonas cried the whole time and I'm not exaggerating, it was the WHOLE day. He was tired so we'd try to put him to sleep but he was just so...IDK not happy that he couldn't sleep especially if you'd try to lay him down in his bed, maybe like a 15-20 mins nap. We'd feed him and he'd eat a little but then he just start pushing it out of his mouth and cry. He just cried and cried and cried. We didn't know what was wrong or what to do. So then bed time came but by this time Jason and I wanted to SHOOT OURSELVES!!! But we got him ready for bed and he did good. He fell asleep very fast and then he was fine when I laid him down, this was at 8pm. He started whining at like 845 and then again and then again. In a 3 hour time period, he woke up 4 times. Some of those times he only cried for a bit and went back to sleep on his own. But at 11pm, there was no soothing himself back to sleep, he just kept crying. Finally, Jason took him into our bed and laid Jonas on top of his chest and they went to sleep. Then when I came to bed, Jason said that he couldn't sleep like that anymore, it was uncomfortable, so I tried to take him and of course...HE WOKE UP!!! You seriously didn't even want to breath b/c you were scared that it would wake him up. I couldn't get him back to sleep so Jason took him again and got him back to sleep but eventually I took him and he slept in my arms all night. But I'm not so sure just how much sleep Jason and I got. We are like ZOMBIES this morning. I think I just might fall over. Luckily, when he woke up this morning he was better. He was happy and talking to me while I was trying to act like I was asleep. But just knowing that he is happy again, gives me the strength to get up and go about my day. I'm just glad that he is my good little boy again.