Friday, May 1, 2009

Splish, Splash

Here is a clip with the kids playing in the pool the first time this spring/summer. There's nothing special in it but I thought I'd add it on here just in case anyone did want to watch it.

Here's a few pictures too and I have to tell you the story of why and how Jonas became diaper-less.

Here's the kids just playing together.
Maddie sunbathing with one of her best friends, Boomer.
Jonas having fun just splashing his hands in the water.

And now for the story... Ok so as you saw in the other pics, Joey just had a regular diaper on and Maddie kept asking me to put Jonas in the pool but he didn't really want in the pool b/c it was cold and I didn't want to put him in with that diaper on. So when Maddie would ask for me to put Jonas in, I would say No he can't b/c of his diaper. Then she asked me to just take his diaper off and I said no to that as well. About 30 mins later the mail lady came and brought a package and so I had to go to the door. Then when I come back, this is what I saw...

A naked little boy!!!! Madison had decided to take it off herself. It didn't seem to bother Jonas. So then after that I put a swim diaper on him and they played together in the pool for a little while.

Please don't call DSS on me...

LOL!!! I just had to post these pictures of the kids in the dog bed together. They climbed in there all by themselves. Jonas had been trying for weeks to climb up in it and well I'm sure with these two (monkey see, monkey do, monkey gets in trouble too), he just followed her every step. I will admit that I did lock the cage just for a few mintues while I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pictures. So please don't call DSS on me. I love my kids and I want to keep them. (well sometimes, LOL)
Here in this first picture, you can see how proud Maddie is with that smile on her face.
Jonas is trying to figure out how to get out of the situation he got himself into.

But then he decided to play peek-a-boo with me. That Cutie!!!

You know, life would be so boring without kids!!! More relaxing but still boring.

Farmer in the Dell

Well first things first. I love my little boy in a hat. I've always been a fan of a man that looks good in a baseball hat. Luckily my little boy takes after his daddy. I like it when Jason wears a hat. I think he's hot!!! Well my little buddy is a cute in a hat too. He likes to wear them too.

So about these pictures. Well the kids were playing outside and I had given them some Capri-Suns to drink and Jonas likes to play with the straws and he was being so cute and funny, I had to get some pictures. He looked like a little farmer with the straw and the hat, all he was missing were the overalls.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strawberries for the pickin'

Jason was off last Friday, so we took the kids to the Strawberry Patch. This is the same farm we went to last year to pick strawberries and also to get a pumpkin in Oct. When I took them in Oct. we were disappointed to see that the petting zoo was temporary closed but thankfully it was open on Friday. So here are some pictures of us picking.

Maddie did a really good job this year. Last year she didn't really understand that we only wanted the nice, big, red ones but this year she had a good eye. Even Jonas found some good ones. LOL!!!

We started out at the beginning of a row and of course moved on down as we picked but Jonas wasn't interested in following us so he just stayed at the start of the row. We kept our eye on him but at one moment he was just playing in the dirt then the next he had a strawberry in each hand. And of course he had to be all messy, squeezing it as he ate it.
We were all tickled to see him doing this even some of the other follow pickers. When Jason asked Jonas if it was good, he nodded yes and wanted to share.(picture #2) I'm so glad I thought to dress the kids in red/drk. pink.

Here's a few pictures of all of us at the patch though not very good. (You know there are a lot more pictures taken now with two kids but a lot less worth showing. Almost never can we get a picture with all 4 of us looking and smiling at the same moment. But we still try.)

Here's a picture of a very cute, handsome strawberry. I wanted one of his sister but by this point she was tired, hungry and irritable.

I just had to add this after I went back and looked at last years pictures. What a coincidence!!! Cute!! Too Funny!!!

Also here is a clip that we took of the kids playing with the animals. Sorry it's kinda long and it will take a while to upload but watch it if you want. Either way, go pickin' and enjoy 'em!!!