Thursday, December 4, 2008

No Shave November

Well I thought I'd post a few of these b/c I know Jason is proud. Jason and some of his buddies declared November as NO SHAVE NOVEMBER!! So here is the first day and the last day of his "No shave November" and there are a few of pics of some things he was doing to be funny as he was shaving the beard off.

First day of no shave

Last day of no shave
Handlebars - his uncle Brian would be proud
The crustache - And with this one, his Daddy would be proud
The pencil thin mustache - Gomez Adams....... No pun intended
And then, the man we know and love! Boy I'm glad to have him back!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Playing catch up

Well what can I say I really suck at keeping this thing updated. But maybe after all the chaos of the holidays, I can get back into the swing of things and keep things rolling like they should on here. Like the title if this blog, this is pretty much just a catch you up kind of one.

What's new with the kids? Well of Fri the 28th(day after Thanksgiving) Jonas cut one of his top teeth and this morning(the 2nd of Dec) he cut the other so soon enough he'll officially have 4 teeth. Besides that he is starting to talk or babble more with finally the occasional DA-DA. He's getting better with his"cruising" and trying to stand all on his own. He seems a little more advanced in this area than Maddie was at his age but Maddie definitely had him beat in the verbal area. But he seems a little more laid back than Maddie was or is so I'm totally ok with that. Maybe he'll stay this way and when he's 2 I'll get a break unlike what his sister is doing to me. But I'm so lucky to have two great kids.
On Dec 15th, Jonas will be going to the Ped. Ophthalmologist due to the fact that we haven't seen any improvements with his eyes. He has a condition called ptosis or also known as lid lag, which makes him look like he is sleepy all the time. And we get many of those comments but we are taking him to see what needs to be done. This appt is only a consultation so once we find out something we will let you all know what she says.

Now as for Madison, not much has been happening really. She's excited about Christmas. We took the kids to see Santa last night and Maddie enjoyed that. She walked up to him and in her very rare shy voice she said I want a castle. I thought it was funny b/c it was the very first thing she said to him, not Hi or my name is Madison but I want a castle. She was scared of him at first, so she just stood beside Jason and I and talked to him. Then after a bit we let Santa hold Jonas and then she wanted to sit with Santa. He was a very nice Santa. We were able to talk to Santa for a long time b/c no one else was there, surprisingly. You could tell that he enjoyed being Santa and loved talking to the kids. Funny thing was that when we told him Jonas' name he said, that's a great name, I love that name. Then when Maddie was getting her candy and book, Santa told us that his name was Jonas as well and that it was his father's name and his son too. We thought that was funny b/c we only know of two other Jonas' but now we know 3.
Jonas wasn't scared of Santa. He liked pulling on his beard. Maddie told Santa everything that she wanted. But the real Santa is missing two of those so I don't know what "HE" is going to do b/c "he's" all done and out of money. But I guess that's ok b/c Santa didn't bring me everything I wanted for Christmas when I was young either. Maddie and I had written a letter to Santa and she gave it to him. It was a cute letter. It talked about how she has been a good girl and listed some examples of why like, she's a good big sister and she helps Mommy with Jonas and she plays with him and that she's good when we have "school time" and she likes to learn. And she put some things that she has learned like ABC's, count to 15, colors, shapes and some songs. We put that she is a big girl now and use the potty and wears big girl panties. She also makes her bed in the mornings and sets the table for dinner. So from all that do you think that Santa will think that she's been a good girl this year and stop at our house on Christmas Eve? I DO !!! In her letter so also wanted to tell Santa that Jonas is a good boy so he needs presents too. She said Jonas can't talk so he can't tell us what he wants but you can bring him some big boy toys. When we were writing the letter, we talked about some things to put in it so I wrote all that about the why she's been a good girl and then I helped her write her list. We only wrote 5 things b/c it could have went on and on but then that's when she told me to write that about Jonas. It was fun. I think Christmas is so much more fun now that we have kids especially now that Maddie is starting to understand more.

Well a few other things that I want to tell you about Maddie. The other night we were putting Maddie to bed and she was talking to Jason and she said Daddy you have stripes like a zebra. She was commenting on Jason's deep forehead creases. Jason and I just looked at each other and laughed, oh it was funny.
Another funny thing she did was...she has this baby doll that has a little potty that goes with it and the other day we were watching America's Funniest Videos and there was a clip of a little boy peeing in a little toliet from a little dollhouse and so can you guess what she did? Yep she peed in her baby doll's potty. Jason had walked into Maddie's room to get her ready to leave, we were heading to the store and when he saw her he said, OH Lena, come in here right now, come here, come here!!! When I went in Maddie was starting to stand up and that's when Jason saw the potty b/c at first he thought that she was just peeing on the floor. LOL Not that this was actually going to be any better or at least that's what we thought but when we looked, she had peed right into it and didn't even drip anywhere. I just turned away and laughed, quietly. Then of course scolded her and took it away. But we couldn't believe that she did that and then on top of that, there wasn't a mess. I mean this thing is smaller that a CD. BOY, am I glad that it was just pee she was trying. LOL

Well that's all for now but I'll see what else I can think of.