Monday, June 1, 2009

On Sat May 16th, we were in Fayetteville for Tresea Birthday. We drove up on Fri night but we got there in the late evening. David and Tresea live on a lake (picture shown above) and so that night we took advantage of it. Jason, Maddie and I stayed out on the pier even after dark and fished (Jonas was already asleep in his bed). I, Lena Adams, at the age of 29, caught MY FIRST FISH!!! I was the only one that caught anything that night. I mean it wasn't really anything special but hey it was my first one. I think I may have been fishing a few times and I do mean few, in my life but I was never really proactively fishing. I really don't like it. I think it's cruel and boring. I think it's cruel to the bait that you are using, that is if it's live bait and I think it's cruel to the fish that you are catching. I don't mind it so much if you catching to cook it but Jason and his dad mostly catch and throw back. But now that I'm older and a mom, you know taking up fishing as a hobby doesn't sound so bad after all...ahhhhh, peace and quiet!! SOUNDS GREAT!!! Well here are some pictures of our little fishies:Me and Maddie with my first fish ever!!

Jason and Maddie making fishy faces with MY little Brim fish.

Jason, the next morning(Sat), sitting out on the pier fishing and studying. And here's what he caught:
Another Brim and he also caught a turtle but I didn't get a picture of that, wish I had.

David grilled out. We had some hamburgers and some cake for Tresea's bday. Then after that, David and Jason took the John boat out on the lake for a while and this is what Jason caught.
We were all hoping to be able to jump in the pool but it just didn't get hot enough to warm up that water but we all just sat around it and admired it. Here's a picture of David and Maddie by the pool.Here's a picture of David doing what he does best...putting someone else to work.
LOL!! J\K David

Me and MJ's toes testing out the water. Yeah, a little to chilly for anymore than this.

Well here are some pictures that I took of different things but I was mostly just trying out my new camera, which I love.

How cute are these pics of my doggie and my baby girl.

This is another reason of why I love my camera, these never would have turned out with my old one.

Here's some of Jonas playing with Tresea's Coca-Cola Truck and Bucket. He was having a blast, making the Vroom-Vroom sounds and putting things in the bucket and carrying it around. He's a cutie!!

Saturday was also Jason's step-sister's first prom night. Here's a picture of Morgan and her date, Bryant. She looked so very pretty!!!
Then on Sunday we went to church and drove back home to G'ville. That was pretty much that weekend.