Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hi and Bye...(a venting blog)

These words seems to be about the only ones that Jason and I(and the kids) speak to each other lately. Now that school is in and with football season starting, he's a BUUUUSY guy. So again I'm left feeling as if I'm a single parent. I know that soon enough it will be over and that in the end it will all be worth it. But as my days are full of things that seem to make me a little frazzled, it would be nice to have someone here to be frazzled with. I know that Jason doesn't understand this and seems quite confused by my emotions most of the time.

I'll admit that I can be an emotional roller coaster and that I'm hard to read, I guess. I mean, to me, I make sense but after 5 years of marriage and he still doesn't get me then I must not be as easy to read as I thought. But anyway, I was just going to say that Jason had a month long break between his last semester and this one that just started last Wed. and oh boy was I sooo ready for him to go back to school. I mean a whole month and spending every day together, well it's a bit much for the two of us. So I guess along with not being easy to read I'm also a hard person to please because now I'm sad that he's gone and that the kids and I don't see him enough. Though I make it sound like OH PITY ME, I do very much enjoy Jason cheering and of course going to school. I like watching him and going to the games. I did encourage him to cheer here for ECU because this is pretty much his last chance to do so. But I will be glad when it is over in Dec. Last year he cheered football and basketball season but this year it will only be football b/c he will be starting his rotations in Jan. which will interfere with basketball season. But basketball season around here isn't anything compared to ECU Football. There's a LOT of ECU Football Pride around here, that's why it is sooo much fun to be a part of.

So this is what Jason's week consist of :
Sun: Church 1-4pm and occas. cheer practice/meeting
Mon: Class 10am-5pm
Tues: Team Workout 6-7am, Class 8-5, Prac.630-930
Wed: Class 8am-2pm, Church meeting 8-10pm
Thurs: Team Wrkout 6-7am, Class 8-430, Prac 630-930
Fri: Class 8am-2pm
Sat: Game Day 9am-ish to maybe like 4pm-ish

And if he isn't doing any of that, then he's studying. So see why I say I feel like a single parent. I can't wait for the days that it's **kiss, kiss** bye sweetie until 5pm and then he is home and he is OURS!!! Though I'm not sure if it will ever be like that b/c Jason is such a busy body. Well I know that there are others that have it worse than me, like families who have someone who is a doctor or serving our country so I'll shut up about it but I just needed a small venting session. AHHHHHH!!! I feel MUCH better now so thanks for listening.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I never really liked my name when I was younger, well ok I HATED IT. Ohh how I would have done anything to be a Kelly or Heather or Amy, anything but LENA!!!! It was a "grandma" name as I was told on more than one occasion. Well as I got older and out of high school, I started to not hate it as much and now I like it. It's different and well it's no surprise, so am I. But enough about all that. Let me get to the point like I said, I like my name now but you know it hits something inside me when a little voice yells, "YEEEEEENA" and usually from her bedroom at nap time or bed time. Yeah so Maddie has recently realized that Mommy and Daddy aren't our real names. Though I'm not sure why she only seems to call me by my real name and not Jason as well. She is already doing things just to get at me. Oh I"m so excited for those teenage years. YIPPEE (sarcastically)!! So yes it is like a DAGGER to the HEART when she calls out YEEEENA instead of MOMMY. I feel that the title of mommy is a reward and it's like she's saying I don't deserve the title. I know she's 2 and she has no idea what she's doing, or that it's not right and that she just thinks it's funny or she doesn't know why she can't call me that too but I'm her mommy and I love being so but anyway. I know I shouldn't if I want her to stop doing it but I do laugh. I'm more laughing at how she says it. It's cute. So I know I should just ignore it, move on and remember that I just glad to be HER Yeeena.

No TWO Panties, Momma

So another funny story involving no other than the STAR of our family...Madison!!! But I guess I was only asking for it. Well Maddie is in the process of Potty Training so there are many times during the day that I have a (as she calls it) "nakey" 2 yr old little girl running around and a lot of times it's a fight just trying to get her to put or keep clothes on her. Luckily I have explained it enough to her that she finally understands that she can't go outside without any clothes on. In her words, no nakey outside, nakey at home. Well Jason had went outside and Maddie wanted to go too. She came to me and asked me to help her put some shorts and shoes on. So when I went to help her I grabbed a pair of panties and told her that she had to wear panties too. Well she looked at me like I was crazy and I was being firm saying Madison you can not go outside if you don't put your panties on. You have to put panties on before you put your shorts on and by this time I was actually holding the panties while she was stepping into them. So as she is stepping into them, she is laughing and I'm thinking, " what the heck is she laughing at?" I think I even looked around to see what she could be laughing at. And now by this time I had them pulled all the way up and now I started laughing and she says, "No two panties, Momma". And so the crazy look she gave me and her random laugh all made sense. She had had panties on all along. And now she just told me that she didn't need 2 pairs.

Let the Blogging Begin...And who said Books are Boring

Well like I said I don't know how this is going to go but I'm willing to give it a try. You have no idea how much time I have spent just trying to figure out how to do the things I want to do and try to pretty it up. I guess that will just have to be left as a work in progress. I just wanted to add a blog of some funny things that our little Madhouse Maddie has been up to.

First of all she loves books so she and we are constantly reading her books. One that she has is called Big Sister and of course it talks about becoming a big sister. In the book, the big sister says that she has to ask Mommy to hold the baby and that while she is holding the baby that the baby likes to look at her. Then the big sister says "Look at me, baby. I'm your big sister." Well now Maddie goes around saying, "LOOK AT ME!" Except she says it more like, Luka ME!! When she does it she grabs our face and presses her nose into ours. Well we think it's cute when she does it and pretty funny.

Ok now the second book that I wanted to tell you about is Stuart Little visits the Library. In this book Stuart meets an owl that was sleeping but then Stuart woke him up and when he did he opens only one eye and looks around and then peers at Stuart. Well Maddie goes around saying, "One Eye". And here 's a pic of her doing it. What a SILLY little girl!!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Beginnings

Well here we are!!! We finally decided to enter the 21st century and have a blog page like so many of our friends. I don't know just how well this is going to go since I, Lena, am not so computer saavy. But I did happen to figure out Myspace after a while so I thought hey let's give this blog thing a try. So for awhile our page might not look so hot or make much sense but hopefully one day it will be something you may like to visit quite often.
I wish I had started this earlier because, OHHHHH boy you have missed out on a whole lot of stuff that I'm sure most of you would have found entertaining. But if I know my family, there will be plenty more to come because every day with a 2 year old is an ADVENTURE. So check up on us ever so often and we hope you enjoy our adventures that we'll share with you all. So CHEERS to our NEW BEGINNING here at!!!