Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BooBoo all Bed-ah Now

Maddie and I were playing and we butted heads. Well it seemed to have hurt me more than it hurt her so when I told her that mommy had a booboo, she sat down and folded her arms and prayed that "Jesus make mommy's booboo better." After she said Amen she jumped up smiling saying, "Mommy's booboo all better now!!!" How stinking cute, huh???

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'll start out telling you that the pics are better than the story but the pictures just don't do it justice. On Saturday I had a long night with Jonas so when Maddie woke up Sunday morning I was still asleep and Jason got up with her. I was awoke by a lot of banging around in the bathroom so I got up and much to my surprise, I was faced with this...
So if you can't tell, it's VASELINE...Everywhere. So here she is with vaseline all in her hair. Greasy, oily, water-resistant VASELINE!!!! What am I to do?!?!?!?! We have to be at church in just a few hours, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET IT OUT???

Well I stripped her clothes and wiped her body off with a towel and then I ran my hands thru her hair to remove as much as I could doing that. Then I just threw her in the tub and then ran to my computer to google what would get vaseline out of hair.

The best idea I read was using dish liquid but I didn't want to try that b/c Maddie fights to have her hair washed and using that it would probably get in her eyes and burn so I tried idea #2 and that was Baking Soda. So here she is with Baking Soda in her hair or is that George Washington in his powdered wig??

Well I did this process 4 times but it didn't really do much so Maddie went to church looking like a Grease Monkey. Here is what she looked after the bath.
Well since then she has gotten a bath every day with dish liquid. I just explained to her that she had to let me wash her hair and that I had to use special shampoo that could burn her eyes if she's not real still. Just incase any of you need this in the future, use the dish soap. It made a huge difference. She is less of the Grease Monkey and more my precious Maddie with every wash.


Well the first football game of the season is this coming Saturday and we are all excited about it. It's in Charlotte at the Bank of America Stadium where the Carolina Panthers play. So we will be heading to Charlotte on Fri for the game. Jonas will be staying at Gigi's house(my mom) and Maddie will be going to the game with me. Oh yeah I'll need to post some pics in a blog with Jason and Maddie stunting b/c our little girl has cheerleading in her blood. It's amazing what our 2 year old can do. It's sooo cute and she loves it. Anyway, we're all excited for the season to start. We also need to get our ECU flag put back up outside to show our Pirate Pride and we GOTS PIRATE PRIDE.
So the game starts at noon on Saturday and we are playing Virginia Tech. It will be showing on ESPN so watch and cheer ECU on. Look for Jason, he might be on TV!! Well I'll post some pics later of the game

Close Call !!!!!

Two weeks ago there was an Enrichment activity at the park and the whole family was invited. So we had dinner there and some friends had an ice cream making ball thingy and so we all kicked it around for a while and then TAH DAH!!! We had ice cream. Well this park wasn't a park with a playground, it was just an open field with a covered picnic area but some of the parents brought some balls and things to play with but of course, Madison being her typical self, got into a little trouble while we were there. I had been watching her and checking on her quite often b/c I know how Maddie can be. She had been running and playing with some of the kids that were kicking around a HUGE oversized soccer ball. So one minute I saw her playing with them then the next I didn't see her anywhere. I started scanning over the whole park and then I see her, she was already on the other side of the parking lot. I started yelling for her to come back but she just ignored me. So then I start walking towards her and she sees me coming so she starts running from me. At this point she is pretty much just a few feet away from the road so I start running like I have never run before and she starts running along the road but as I approach her she runs harder and now towards the road, I grab her arm and she goes limp but I jerk her up and grab her. The fear that I felt was like NO other. I almost started crying b/c I was so scared. Everyone was so surprised at how fast she got that far. It wasn't a small distance that she went and it wasn't a short distance that I had to run to grab her. I think if I would have noticed that she was missing a few seconds later that she would have been IN the road and probably have gotten hit. What a blessing it was that something told me to check on her again. What a CLOSE CALL!!

Summer Fun (what we did this summer)

I wanted to post a blog of some things that we did this summer well not this summer really b/c we only had a month to do things but we did a lot in a month so here we go...

#1 Went to CLT/Friends and Family/Kevin's Wedding
The first week of Jason's break was the first week of Aug and we went to Charlotte to see my family and also Jason's friend, Kevin from school was getting married there that weekend. So we just hung out at my folks place and when Sat(Aug 2nd) came around we left the kids with them and we went to Kevin's wedding. That was the longest we had been away from Jonas since he had been born, we were gone pretty much all day. It was nice but I missed them both. We headed home on Monday and then Thurs we went to visit Jason's family in Fayetteville.

#2 Kings Dominion in Virginia
So Thursday night(Aug 7th), we headed to Jason's Dads house and we stayed the night there while Jason's mom came and picked up Jonas and took him home with her b/c the next day we were heading to Kings Dominion in Virginia. So Friday morning, Jason, Maddie, Jason's Dad and Stepmom and step sister and her friend, Taylor and I all packed up in the Lincoln and drove only 4 hours to Virginia while my little baby boy was with his grandma. OH I missed him. But when we got to the hotel we just swam in the pool and hung out and relaxed. The next morning we got up and went to Kings Dominion. It was a blast. I love
amusement parks. They had a "kiddie area" with little rides for Maddie. She loved it. She still talks about it. For a while she was confused b/c we called it a park and then when we came home and talked about the park here she thought we still meant the amusement park and she would say, yeah I want to go to the park and ride the airplanes and cars and we had to explain that this park just has slides and swings. We hung out for a while in the water part of the park. We let Maddie play in the wave pool which she loved. She is such a WATER BUG!!!! She's always asking to go swimming. Anyway we were there all day, no joke from open to close (10am-10pm). It was a long day. Maddie was exhausted, though she did take a nap (thankfully)! I'm so glad that Sharon was willing to take Jonas b/c that would have been a long day for our little guy to just sit in a stroller in the sun for no reason. So that's what Sat was like and then Sunday we drove back to Fayetteville and picked up Jonas, who I could have squeezed to death b/c I missed him so much. That was just too long without my baby boy. But after we picked him up we drove back home to Greenville.

#3 Jason's Class Party (PA Program)
Wed. Aug 20 Jason started school and then on Fri the 21st, his class had a party to welcome all the new students in the program. There was a pig picking and we did some swimming. It was good weather and relaxing. Maddie enjoyed the pool and the playground that was there and we also took the Jumping Pit thing that we have and she liked jumping with her friends. But mostly the pool, of course. While Maddie liked the pool, Jonas was just trying to figure out what this itchy, green stuff was. Here's a picture of Jonas discovering grass for the first time. He just wasn't sure what to think about it.

#4 Jungle Rapids Water Park in Wilmington
Then on Sat the 22nd, Jason and Maddie and I met Grandma and Oma (Jason's mom and grandma) at the water park in Wilmington called Jungle Rapids. Sharon gets tickets for us every summer from her husbands work. Carl's job rents out the place for the day as a gift for the employees and their family so our tickets are free. So we went this past Sat. and we had fun. I only rode one water slide but it was fun. It was this regular slide that would spit you out in this toliet bowl thing and you go around and around then as you slow down you go down the drain and slide out into the pool. It was fun. I also relaxed in the lazy river. I mostly stayed with Jonas and napped. Maddie played in the wave pool they had and splashed around in the kiddie pool a bit and floated in the lazy river a few times. She liked it all.

Well I know that that was long but some people wanted to know what we did for the summer so there it is. Read it or don't!!!