Friday, February 6, 2009

Help!!! Does anyone have...?

I'm looking for a Mickey Mouse cake pan. If anyone has one or knows where I can find one please let me know. I have looked at the Michael's here and called the one in Fayetteville but they don't carry it. I've looked on ebay but they are pricey and for just one cake I don't want to spend that much so if anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it. I just might have to wing it myself, but at least I think that Mickey wouldn't be too hard.

Monday, February 2, 2009

On the blog again, just can't wait to get on the blog again

Well there's been lots going on around here, too much to catch you up on but I'll see what I can remember at the moment.

Well Jonas is almost 11 months and though he doesn't say any words yet, he does recognize some. Of course he knows what MILK is, it's his favorite word of all but he also knows Ball, dog, book, up, nose, Sissy(which is Maddie), snacks, cup, DaDa and that's all that I can think of right now. He learning to stand on his own but still isn't so confident in doing so. Oh I remembered another word that he knows...Mickey Mouse. He likes to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the mornings with Maddie and he has a Mickey doll and loves it. So if you ask where's Mickey he'll look around for it. And he's just learning to point at things, like if you have a book with a picture of a dog and ask him where the dog is, he'll point to the doggie now.
Jonas also has something new...3 MORE Teeth!! He has 2 more on top and one on the bottom and the other tooth on the bottom is working it's way in. You know I have heard some people say how they love little babies teethy smile but I never really thought it was cute. Like with Maddie I didn't think it was cute with all the gaps everywhere but now I see it's cuteness with Jonas. Maybe it's just cuter for a little boy to give you a gapped toothy smile than for a little girl, either way, Jonas is cute.

In my last blog which was about Jonas' dr appt, I had mentioned that Jonas has to wear an eye patch for 30 mins a day and maybe just b/c I'm his mom but I have never seen such a cute kid with an eye patch and so that you can see here are some pics of him with it on...
(sorry this picture is a little blurry)
Maddie says that Jonas is a pirate b/c he wears a patch so here is Maddie pretending to be one too.

Let's see what else... Hmmmmm...

Well Maddie is the same funny, crazy, full of energy little girl as usual. She is learning new words and it's funny to hear how she uses them. She has learned to ride her tricycle which is fun. Her favorite things to play with are 2 of her gifts that Santa brought her and that is her princess dress up things and her castle. All day she gets her little princess dolls and plays with them and her castle. Her is a picture of her play with them.

As a lot of you know, Maddie LOVES books. Well one day Maddie was in her room and she was being very quite and usually this isn't a good sign if you know what I mean. So I went to check on her and this is what I found...

Maddie and her bud, Boomer, just hanging out together and reading books.
But then quickly Maddie bounced back to the silly willy little girl that she is.

Well it is nearly 11pm so I'm going hit the hay so that I'm not a grumpy and mean mommy tomorrow to my 2 darling kids but there'll be more blogging tomorrow with pics from christmas and the snow days and whatever else I find to talk about. So see ya tomorrow Folks!!!

Blog Under Construction

Hello Family and Friends,

Yes indeed it has been a while since my last blog but just to inform you, More Blogging coming soon. (hopefully later today)