Monday, August 31, 2009

Our busy month of August

Well our month of August begin with a trip to Fayetteville. August 1st was the weekend of Jason's birthday so we went to spend time with the family. We mostly just hung out and went swimming at David and Tresea's. Here's some pix...

Jonas and Maddie sharing a float.

Maddie has finally found that jumping into the pool is long as the float is there.

Jonas likes to jump too but you gotta catch him or he won't be HAPPY!! But here in this picture, he's happy...look at that smile.

Daddy cheerleading with Jonas and Maddie. This is Maddie doing her Lib.

Jonas likes to swim around for a bit but then he just likes to hang out in the float.

Maddie likes for Daddy to swing her around in the water and make big waves.

This picture was taken on Sunday morning as everyone else was getting ready for church. Maddie found these tanning goggles and snuggled up with Patches in Granddaddy's bed and was watching some TV. It was a funny site and it made us laugh.

The next weekend we hung out at home and played on the Slip N' Slide. We had a good time. I got on it too but no pics of that, thank goodness. Here's some pictures and videos too.

Jonas drinking the water that is squirting up. He was so thrilled with that.

You've gotta double click on this picture to see just what it is that I'm taking a picture of...Can you say "WEDGIE"!!! LOL

Daddy and the kids just hanging out.

Jonas sliding down with Daddy.

Ready, set, GO!!! SWOOSH!!!

Jonas making a SPLISH!!

Maddie making a SPLASH!!

Daddy making a SPLISH and a SPLASH!!

Here are the videos...They aren't anything special. I took it with the camera instead of the actual video camera so they are very poor quality but at least I have them.

Maddie's dancing cracks me up in this one.

During that same week we went to the park. It was a semi-mild humid morning, so we ventured out to the park. So here's just a few of the kiddos playing there.

Maddie likes to swing in these big swings.(They are actually made for handicap kids)
She also just had to play in the wet sand and get all nasty.

Jonas riding on the bug and alligator. I love the first picture. He just looks so excited!!

Maddie and Jonas sharing a ride with 2 other kids. Just so happened that these other kids were in Maddie's Pre-School class. Seamus and Claire are their names and they are twins. They are very sweet kids.

Jonas enjoying the bouncy ride that Maddie is giving him. Maddie likes that Jonas is big enough now to ride with her.

Jonas making some chimed music. He went crazy on this thing once he realized what it did. He was just beating them all together and laughing. He enjoyed himself!!!

The next day I let Maddie play outside with her finger paints and after I had finish putting Jonas down, I come out to see THIS...

First picture was the face of Opps, I got caught. And then she so proudly showed me her paintings on paper and herself. I'm just glad it was outside. :o)

Here's just some random pictures from through out that week.

Maddie being silly with a Mr.Potato Head mustache stuck in her nose.
Maddie playing with her LeapPad that GiGi gave her for her birthday. She plays with it a lot. Her favorite game is the princess one of course.

Jonas playing hair dresser while Maddie is trying to concentrate and do her LeapPad.

(Picture#1) Jonas sitting at Maddie's little desk working hard on a beautiful picture. Doesn't he look big just sitting there and coloring? (Picture#2) I bought these boots for Maddie but I think Jonas wears them the most. He just likes to play around in them as you can see.

The following week the kids and I went for a visit to my parents. I went so that I could go to a Open House for a friend of mine that had gotten married out west a few weeks before. I also got to see my BFF, Cathryn and we took the kids (her 2 and my 2) to Chuck E Cheese. Though I enjoy seeing my family and friends, it was not a good trip up there. The kids didn't even fall asleep until like 45 mins before I got there and it's a 4 (that turned into a 5) hour drive. After that I remembered why I don't drive there without Jason. Luckily, the drive home wasn't as bad, not good but not as bad. Here's 2 pics of Maddie playing dress up in my sisters old play stuff.

Silly Little Maddie, but a cute one.

We drove home the 4 hours on Sat and then on Monday was Jonas' appt at Duke so then I had to drive the kids 2 hours to Durham for that. On the way up there, I gave Maddie one of those Handi-Snacks Cheese and Stick things and she took the cheese and smeared it all over her arms and face and some on Jonas' cheeks. The appt took longer than usual so we didn't get out until after lunch time. So that means that they were tired and hungry. I stopped at a McDonald's and let them eat and play for a while. This made them full bellied and exhausted so they actually fell asleep in the car, which they rarely do now. After we got home, a few other things happened that caused me to lose all sanity. Maddie took her sippy cup and splashed her cranberry juice all over the floor. Then later while Maddie was going poopoo, she allowed her little brother to play in the toilet. This is the point of where I LOST it. I screamed and yelled and punched the wall, I was just so angry. Everything had just been building up over the last week or so that the POOP did me in. There was poop all over Jonas and Maddie and smeared around the bathroom. I knew that he was in there with her but I just never thought that I'd come to find that!! But we did all live through that experience...barely.

Here's some more random pictures of the middle of the month.

Daddy taking Joey and Maddie on a little ride around the back yard on the motorcycle.
In picture 3 is Jonas crying b/c he wasn't finished riding. This boy LOVES the motorcycle.

First pic is of Maddie with her sunflower that was planted on Earth Day (April 22) and now it's as tall as her. Second pic is of a weather confused girl with a summer dress and toboggan on.

The kids taking turns swinging on a tree branch here in the front yard.

One of very few pictures of me...but I was giving Jonas a piggy back ride. He enjoyed it. (Please ignore that I look like crap and a little on the WT side.)

Daddy helped our little monkeys climb the tree. Maddie climb up pretty far without much help but a little scared about coming down.

My handsome little fellow. First picture if you look close you can see that he has a paci in both hands and the obvious one in his mouth. And as you can see, he's already a Tar Heel fan too. Cute HUH?

First picture is of him folding his arms for the prayer. What a sweetie!! He has started mumbling too when we say prayers. He's trying to say his own. I''m sure the Lord knows what he's saying and that's all that matters. :o) Second picture is of him after we told him to close his eyes.

Here's Jonas playing in his room like a good little boy. I love the first picture, the way he's got his chin resting on his hand while he's playing. That's so cute!! Pic3 he's making his animals sounds.
After he was all done playing with his barn set he decided to read a book.

Well we are finally at the end of August Updates. The last thing that happened in Aug was Jason's Triathlon and I'm going to blog about that separately. And I'll just go on from there. Sorry this was so long but I don't want to leave anything out for my own future use. This is kinda like a journal for our family so that's why there's so much in it. Thanks for reading!!!