Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jonas' Appt at Duke Eye Center

Yesterday Jonas had an appointment at the Duke Eye Center and after that check up the doctor told me that we should schedule his surgery date for the end of the year. I know that he needs it but just hearing that and thinking about it gives Jason and I that yucky sick feeling in the pit of our stomachs. It's a very minor surgery, it would only last an hour at the most in the out patient area but it's OUR baby boy. He's just so young. I guess it's better to do it now though, he wouldn't be scared about it or even remember it. After the surgery, he shouldn't have any problems just in the need of a little ointment and drops and after a week or 2 it should be healed.

For those who don't know, Jonas has ptosis which means he has a droopy eyelid. The doctor believes that it was from trauma during birth, his right eye was bruised and swollen shut for about a week and has had the ptosis since. He has been seeing this specialist since he was 9 months old and from her measurements, his condition hasn't improved. So from her explanation the procedure would be done like this: 2 small incisions, one on each side underneath, then cutting the muscle that pulls the eyelid open and removing approximately 3mm then reattaching the muscles together causing the opening of his open to be bigger and not having the lid hanging down slightly further than normal. If you see Jonas you may notice that he usually has his head tilted back more than another child, the doctor says that this is a good sign b/c it shows that he is using that eye. He does this to use more of the bottom of the eye to see out of but after the surgery he will learn quickly that he doesn't have to do it anymore. I did tell the doctor that he is a clumbsy walker b/c he has his head tilted back, he can't see things on the floor in front of him which causes him to trip and fall. Luckily, he has never tripped and hurt himself badly.
Like I said though, I know that he needs this surgery but it just makes me cringe to think what is going to be done on my sweet little boy...MY BABY!!! The surgery won't be until the middle of December, the week after Jason graduates so I'll try not to worry to much until then. We will keep you all posted but please remember my baby in your prayers. Thank you and we love you all!!!