Monday, May 4, 2009

My Fickle Pickle

I thought I'd post some words that Jonas does actually say. He has, in the last week or so, started to say some new words. But he is such a fickle pickle that you can't get him to say it. He only says it when he wants to, that goes for any sounds that he makes too.

He'll say: dog (and make the sound), car (and sound), throw (when he throws a ball), Arrrrrrgh (pirate sound), drink, juice, numm numm (means food or I'm hungry), makes cow and monkey sounds.

He's also getting a lot better with his walking, and he's a lot faster. He's almost at a run, therefore, I'm a lot busier.

Funny things from my 2 yr old (Part 3)

*Lately, Madison has been pronouncing words with a country accent. I don't know where she has picked this up b/c neither Jason or I talk like this. The strange thing is that she just started this out of nowhere in the last 2 weeks or so where as before she was pronouncing these words correctly. Some of the words are: house (hayouse), that (theyet), snack (snayek). I'm going to be honest...THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!! Jason says it's cute. It's NOT!!! We aren't country. We are from the south but we are not country. There's a difference. I've been trying to correct here whenever I hear it but it doesn't seem to click yet. So if she asks for a "snayek" she's not getting it until she asks nicely for a snack and not for a "snayek".

*At dinner, earlier in the week, we had corn as one of our vegetables. As we are all sitting at the table eating, I notice Maddie digging her finger in her nose. So of course I told her, "Maddie get your finger out of your nose. Do you need a tissue?" And she said "yes, I have corn in my nose." "You have WHAT in your nose?" as I grab her head and lean it back to look up in nose. "I don't see anything. Do you really have corn in your nose?" "Uh-Huh!!!" So then I grab a tissue and she blows, and we couldn't believe it...a piece of corn flew out of her nose. I mean, I know that's what she told us but still, even after that, we couldn't believe that she actually did it. But I know that all kids do it at some point so it was just our time. After we explained that noses are only made for stuff to come out and that you can get hurt if you put stuff in your nose, we laughed. We laughed in amazement.

* Some words that she pronounces funny: Ballerina(Ballalina), Dandelion(Daddy Lion), Carolina (Carowina)she says "I can't know" instead of I don't know or I don't remember. There are more but I can't remember them right now.

*Maddie is a girly-girl. She loves PINK!!! So for her birthday these are some things that she has asked for. A pink baby owl, pink car, a pink computer and the latest request, a pink monkey. And sure, you are probably thinking that I could find these things at wal-mart or ebay or something but not just any of these will do, she wants REAL ones. A real owl, a real car, a real computer and a real monkey, all for herself. So do you see why I'm hoping and praying that she will not get her hands on a credit card until she's at least 30 years old. Yeah, I think we are going to be in trouble before to long.