Thursday, October 16, 2008

The waiting and waiting and waiting game

Ok so as I'm hoping that you read in the last blog which was about our trip to Fayetteville, I had mentioned that I wanted to get our pictures done while we were there. Why do we get them done in Fayetteville instead of G'ville, you ask? Well b/c we are POOR and JCPenney's has the best deal (if you have the right coupon). Our JCP doesn't have a photography studio here in G'ville so that's why we wait until we are in Fay. OK so I called and made the appt as soon as they opened at 10am on Monday and I set the appt up for 3:30 that afternoon. Well around 1pm they called me and told me that someone is sick and has to go home. They asked if I mind if they push it back to 4pm and I said that would be fine and she said that they would give me a free 8x10 and a free internet access to order more online or whatever and I said ok great, no problem. So we get there at 4pm on the dot and there is only one person working and she's with someone at the moment and tells us that she's finishing up with them. So we wait. She finishes with taking their pictures and then she goes with them to the computer to load them and enhance and all that crap and so we are still waiting (30 mins) Ok so now it's our turn and we go in and she takes like 4 pictures of us as a family and then she leaves again and she's gone like 45 mins. By this time it's dinner time for the kids and they are restless. So now she tries to take more family pictures of one hungry, fussy 7 month old and a restless, crazy and uncooperative 2 year old and 2 very impatient parents. So can you imagine what our pictures are like at this point. So we stop her and tell her that we have to feed Jonas or all of his pictures will be just a crying baby. So at this point we had been there AT LEAST 2 hours and who knows anyone who has children especially young children like ours who can sit still and listen and smile after 2 hours and it is now past dinner time and close to bedtime. This girl was crazy and obviously does NOT have children if she thinks that these kids should or would behave and do what she has asked them to do. Thankfully Jonas was better after he ate but Maddie was pretty much a lost cause. So while we feed Jonas, she took some pictures of Maddie which I didn't ask for b/c we just had her 2 year old pics done 3 months ago. But she does some of those and then leaves again and by this time Jonas was finished eating but what do we have to do? WAIT!!!
She comes back and takes Jonas' pics which turned out just ok in my opinion, but there is one that we did buy that is just sooooo cute. He's standing up holding onto my hand and Jason's hand. I'll post it on here when they are emailed to me. But anyway, so after Jonas' pics, I had asked for the kids to have some together in there ECU outfits. So she took those and I wasn't impressed with those either but I think it was just b/c Maddie was just beyond tired by this point. But finally the picture taking was OVER. But it wasn't over. She told us that we had to wait for her to load the pictures on the computer and that b/c she had taken soooo many it would take a while. Oh yeah I didn't tell ya this...Ok so before we started taking any pictures I told her that I like more action pictures that capture our personalities in them rather than the style that we've had in the past. And she says oh yes, that's the kind I take blah blah blah. So I was thinking that we were going to get some good but fun pictures and well you know how I feel about them. But going on with what I was saying she said that it would take a long time to load ALL the pictures that she had taken of us and also to enhance them (which I don't care about b/c they are more than we can afford right now). Well she kept saying over and over that she took so many and tried to take really good pictures b/c we've had bad experiences there and she wanted to make sure this one was a good one. First of all I didn't say that I had a bad experience, I just asked for a different style of pictures so she just took it upon herself to do whatever she was trying to do but after being there for 3 1/2 hours at this point, that "good experience" had been thrown out the window a loooong time ago. So anyway, we have to wait again until she done doing whatever on the computer and during this she brings back another family and takes their pictures in like 10 mins. And she says that we are still waiting for all our pictures to load. So like 4 walks around the store and 2 escalator rides later with Maddie (25 mins later) we are able to finally see our pictures on the computer. So we look thru those and are quite disappointed but we decide which ones to get and now we have to wait on her again b/c she's loading and enhancing the other families photos. Then she comes to which us from the viewing screen to the order screen while she was doing that the other family comes to view their pictures and she just stays with them and helps them out and we are just standing there again waiting on her so we just took it upon ourselves to add in the sizes of pictures we want even though that's part of her job. At this point we were raging mad b/c she kept helping the other family and ignoring us so Jason just says, ok we are finished now. So then she asks the other family if it's ok if she can go check us out. So then there was some confusing b/c one person on the phone told me one thing but she didn't think that is how it was supposed to be but I set her right. She was trying to cheat me out of some stuff that the other girl said she'd give me for changing my appt. Anyway so the whole checking out process took forever. So when we finally walked out of JCP's it was 8:20pm. So start to finish it took us 4 hours and 20 mins. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT??? 4 hours with a 7 month old and a 2 year old. I was sooo irritable and Jason was fuming. There were a few things that we had planned to do after the pictures but we couldn't do any of them then. We just took the kids back to Grandaddy's house and feed them dinner and put them to bed. What a crappy day!! But that's the end of my novel!! Thanks for reading and sorry it was so long but when something is 4 hours, it's going to take a while to write about it.

Our trip to Fayetteville

So Jason had Fall Break the beginning of this week so we headed to Fayetteville. We had a few things we needed to do there. We left after church on Sunday and drove to Jason's Dads house where we stayed. Jason actually did have Fri off to but he cheered at the University of Virginia game in VA so he wasn't back until Sat night and I had to teach in RS on Sunday too so that's why we left Sunday after church. Oh yeah, Sat night the kids and I went to the Ward Harvest Ho'Down which was chili dinner and some square dancing. It was so cute while everyone was dancing, Maddie found her little friend from nursery, Brody and she took him by the hand and started dancing. They watched the adults and to them it looked like they were doing ring-around-the-roses so that's why they started doing. It was soooo cute. Jason had taken the camera with him so I didn't have it but I asked a friend (thanks Dave and Kara) to take a picture so I'll have to add it on here later for ya to see.
Ok well back to the Fayetteville trip...
So we drove down and stayed with Jason's dad on Sunday. We got there kinda late but we wanted the kids to be able to spend a little time with their Grandaddy and Grandmommy Adams and their Great Grandaddy and Grandma Adams b/c they were there too. So the kids didn't get to bed until 10pm(Maddie did have a late nap that day which is normal for a sunday due to the time).
Well Monday we kinda lounged around in the morning and then we went out around lunch time and grabbed something to eat and ran some errands. And about that, I had to get a few things at Wal-Mart and so I just want to say what a difference that Wal-Mart or any one in the Fayetteville area is for that matter verses the crap hole Wal-Mart here in G'ville. I can't wait to be back home in Fayetteville with some better shopping. Anyway, I'll go on now...
Since we were going to be in Faye., I thought we needed to make an appt for pictures. Jonas was already 7 months and we hadn't be able to get back to the Faye JCPenney's for his 6 months pics so that was something that I really wanted done while we were there in town. Something else that I had wanted to do while we were there was to take Madison to the Fasinate-U Children's Museum. I thought that she was old enough to enjoy it and we had never been there before. We did go on Tues morning and after that we got lunch and headed over to Oma's house(Jason's Grandma). When we left there we went to our storage building at our old house and picked up somethings like the walker for Jonas, the kids winter clothes and our couch. In our two bdrm apt we only had room for the chair and loveseat but now we have room for them and the full size couch so we were happy to bring that back home here. That's pretty much it, it wasn't a lot but we only had a day and a half really b/c we had to leave and be back by 6 for Jason's cheerleading practice. Now I'll take individual blogs to elaborate on the appt. for the pics and the trip to the museum. So keep reading...

What do we have here?!?!?

Someone at our house has their first tooth. Yep, How'd you know? It's Jonas!!!! Jonas is a big boy now. I just noticed this morning that the little ridges are barely through but they are there. I have actually been waiting and waiting for it and finally it's here. I was just wondering when it was going to get here b/c for so long I thought that it was coming. He just drooled soooooo much and he would gnawl on everything like it was cutting thru but nothing ever came. There was twice that he had that plus the mild fever and the diaherria and some congestion which they say are some possible symptoms of teething. He has been somewhat more irratable that normal which if you know him his normal is GOLDEN!! He's such a good boy, I could just eat him up. But he's been kinda sensitive, wants to be held more and cries occasionally for no reason but now I know why. But it was funny, just yesterday Jason said, "Why is he crying for no reason" and I said "maybe he's teething." Jason said, "Stop saying that, that's your excuse for everything, he's drooling, his chewing, whining." HAAA!! This time(finally) I was right. I wish I could get a picture of it but I can barely see it with my own eyes, there is no way that you could see it in a picture. Ok well, just wanted everyone to know that our baby boy has a tooth sprouting. YIPPEE!!

Long time no Blog...

Hello to everyone that is having withdraws from the Adams Family Blog, ummm Sharon that's you!!! and hello to everyone else that may check this. I'd like to start out first by apologizing for how long it's been since my last blog but we've moved and we've just been busy. We moved from a two bedroom apartment to a three BDR apt. What a difference it makes!! Jonas has his own bed in his own room AND the best part is that he is now sleeping through the night. Madison has a large enough room now to (minus all Jonas' things that she WAS having to store in her room as well) have all of her toys in her room and not here and there and all over the living room. So now our living room is a living room and not slash/ play room. We also have a real dining area instead of dining/computer room. The computer is in our bedroom which isn't ideal but it's fine while we are in an apt and it's better than in the dining room. We have two bathrooms instead of one which is so nice. Everything about the three bdrm is better except it seems to have less storage space (closets are smaller or used up by a water heater or AC unit) but we do have an attic so that should help out. I'm so glad that we still have a patio out back and now the doors to it are in the dining area instead of having to go thru the bedroom to get to it. Maddie can even go out without us always having to go with her since now we can see her from the living room and kitchen. I don't think I can say anything more but WHAT A RELIEF!!!