Friday, March 20, 2009

Jam Session with Daddy

Jason was playing his guitar for Jonas and he(jonas) was dancing and wanted to get in on it too. Check it out!!

Jonas dancing to the music.

Jonas trying to help Daddy play a song now.

Just a-swingin'

That's right Just a-swingin'...a country song by John Anderson in 1983, giving a shout out to my Moms. LOL
Anywho, GaGa(Jason's Mom) got Jonas a swing for his birthday and Thursday was the first day that it was warm and not raining so I put it up for the kids and so again here are some pictures of them enjoying the ride in the new swing.

So here they are just a-swingin'...

He is just so content and happy when he's in his swing which is interesting since he cried all the time in his infant swing but at least he is smiling now.

Maddie loves that we have a swing at our house now. I mean can't you see the excitement in her eyes. She is so silly.

It was such a beautiful day we played outside for hours. While we were out there, I took advantage that Jonas doesn't like to sit in the dead, crunchy grass and I made him walk so I have a few pics of where I caught him in action.

The first two pictures are of Jonas walking to me. And the last picture is of him doing what he always does, pointing at something and saying "what's that?" LOL But I think it's cute!

Jonas' GiGi and Grandad (my parents) got this bubble mower for his birthday. He thinks he is a big boy when he pushes it around. In the second one is again is making spit bubbles along with his own sound effects.

Jonas' Party

Well Jonas' birthday was on the 11th but we had his party on Sat. the 14th in Fayetteville at his Grandaddy Adams house. I don't have many pictures myself, Jason was running the video camera but as soon as I get the pictures from the rest of the family I'll post them. But here is his Mickey Mouse Cake that I made. I will confess that Jason did do the facial features but I did bake the cake and ice it. I figured it would be better that he do it since I can't draw a straight line. I think it turned out pretty good, though.

This is Jonas taking a peek at one of his gifts which he loves. (Mickey Mouse Ride-On Train)

Here is Jason playing Super Man with both the kids at the party.

Jonas waiting to "have his cake and eat it too"!!

Like I said I don't have any pictures yet of him digging in but boy did he ever. It was everywhere. He looked like he had a black beard. It was exactly what I was hoping for especially since for Maddie's 1st birthday, she just picked at it. He was a mess and that's what I like!!! Hope to get those pictures soon!!

Technical difficulties...

I know this is going to sound crazy but I did make a post of Jonas' birthday but I had started days and days ago and b/c I didn't finish that day I didn't post it I just saved it but then the next day I went to finish it and every day since then I have been having problems with my computer. And one day I did finish it but then Jonas pushed a button, what button I'm not sure but whatever button it was it erased everything that I had added that day so's finally finished and if you care to know what Jonas' birthday was like go back and check it out. It's posted on the 16th and it's titled Jonas' Big Day. Thanks for reading!!

Unlucky Day for Jonas (1 year check up)

Well now that Jonas is one, he was due for his one year check up. So here are his stats: He weighed 23.8 lbs. which would put him in the 50-75th percentile and height was 29 1/2 inches which is the 25-50th percentile. He had to get his finger pricked AND 4 shots. Poor widdle boy!!!!

Here's a picture of Jonas after his appt. He likes this activity table that he got for his birthday. Look at my cute little man.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

Well after I posted the first St. Patty's Day post with the story about my friend's mom and the awesome green breakfast and dinner she had made, I thought why don't I make one so here's what we had...
Chicken, broccoli, green mashed potatoes and a few green grapes. And the kids had green milk to drink.

With the green mashed potatoes in his hair, he looks like the Joker, but a darn cute one.

After baths of course, Maddie and I made a choc. chip cookie with a shamrock on it. It was yum!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Sleeping Beauty...

Enough said!!!

Jonas was excited b/c he found Sissy, then he climbed up and started bouncing on the bed and laughing as if he was thinking, "Ha Ha Ha, I'm going to wake her up!!"


Well Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone. I hope you don't get pinched a lot if you didn't wear green, but shame on you if you didn't. Still, I hope everyone has a great day. Too bad it's so gloomy. I just wanted to post a few pictures of the kids in their green. Maddie and I decorated our front door so I have a few of that as well. At the end I'll share a memory from a St. Patty's day from a long time ago. Oh well Enjoy!!!

Maddie decorating the front door.

Showing off her artwork.

Jonas undecorating the front door. LOL
Maddie with her lucky pot of gold!
Maddie also was excited to go to school today sporting her green and looking forward to some yummy green surprise snacks.
So on with my story: Whenever St. Patrick's Day rolls around, I always think of this one specfic year. I think it was 1995, I was 15 and attending seminary at 6 o'clock in the morning. So it was of course March 17th and on that day my friend invited me to go back to his house for breakfast. So after seminary we headed back to his house where his mother, Tammy made green eggs and green pancakes for us and the rest of the kids & their Dad. We also had green Kool-Aid to drink. I wasn't from a family that really celebrated anything but birthdays and halloween, thanksgiving and christmas, oh and easter. But I guess that they had more of a reason to celebrate this day, they, the parents, were both from Irish backgrounds. Well I just thought that it was so neat so Tammy invited me back for dinner that night. So after school and homework, Grant, my friend, came and picked me up on his four wheeler and we went wheelin for a little while and then to dinner. I was so surprised when I walked in the door. Green candles lit everywhere with green glittery garland and green place mats and napkins. I mean it was green everywhere. And of course it didn't stop there. For dinner, we had cornbeef with green mashed potatoes, cooked cabbage, green rolls and pictacio ice cream for dessert. It was amazing all that she did just to have a real cool and different day. I know that she has no idea that I thought that it was so neat and that I still remember it even 14 years or so later. I loved that woman and that whole family. So just for them Happy St. Patrick's Day, Layton Family!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jonas' Big Day

BEWARE...this blog contains tons of pictures of cute babies!!!

So Wednesday, March 11th was Jonas' 1st Birthday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! 80 degrees and sunny with a light breeze. You couldn't ask for a more perfect day. Well Jason was on-call that day at the hospital so that meant he was pretty much gone from 7am until 10pm, and he was, so that was a total bummer. But this is what our day consisted of: Breakfast then baths (see pictures below)

Then we played inside for a little bit. Here are pictures of Jonas playing in his push car that he LOVES!! He loves it so much that we have it in the house so he can play with it anytime, rainy or cold.( picture # 1: a cutie, #2 crazy driver, #3 sound effects along with spit bubbles)

After a little play it was time for our little birthday boy to take a nap. Then after his nap we headed to the hospital to have lunch with Daddy. Here is Jonas in his BIG BOY car seat. I love that now I can turn around and see his sweet little face. And boy was he checking everything out, and was pointing at everything and saying, "what's that? what's that?"

So we ate lunch with Daddy and we sang "Happy Birthday" to Jonas and had some cupcakes. I shared a little with Jonas but not to much b/c I wanted to save it for his party. But here is a picture of the kids and Jason at the hospital.

After we left the hospital, we headed to the park but Maddie fell asleep in the car so we drove back home for naps and once naps were over then we went to the park. When you see these pictures of Jonas in the swing then you'll know why we asked for a swing for his birthday...nothing but smiles!!!

This little boy loves to swing!!
I totally love the first and second picture here, he just looks so happy.

Check out that hair blowing in the wind.

This last picture is him trying to get away from me, which he did very quickly I might add. That little booger!!

Maddie loving the swings too.

These are my favorites of the kids. The one of them on the slides is of course totally sweet. I just love my two babies so much.
Well after the park, we headed home and I grilled some kabobs and so here are two pictures of the end of our day.

Jonas playing with one of his favorite toys, a simple beach ball.

Jonas playing with Maddie's roller coaster. He just loves to be outside.

So that was pretty much the day, nothing extravagant but it was a good day. Especially a good day to turn ONE!!! Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!!! I love you!!!!