Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!!

Well I just can't believe that Halloween has come and gone. We had a lot of fun though. As usual, the church held the normal Trunk or Treat but it was on Tues the 27th. So we dressed up and headed to that. It was indoor this year due to the rain but it was just as fun. The kids and Jason and I dressed up as a group theme as usual. I did forget my camera that night so sorry no pics from that. There were other people taking pictures of us b/c they really liked our costumes. So maybe I can snatch some of those from them.

I did make the costumes myself except for a few obvious things. It really didn't take that long but I just kept procrastinating and it wasn't finished until that day. Yeah I know that that's pretty bad...I just kept putting it off. BUT I did finish it!!!! And they were pretty cute.
On that Thursday night, the 29th, there was a Halloween Story time and Trick or Treating at the downtown library. I heard lots of people saying how pretty Ariel's (Maddie) fin was. Only the kids dressed up for that one. After those two events, I had to come up with a better idea for Maddie's shell bra b/c she kept having problems with it. I used real shells and so it was pretty heavy and kept pulling the shirt down. And one popped half way off, in which case I called it the "Janet Jackson Costume Malfunction". But since I had a few more days before actual halloween night then I made Maddie a new shirt that was made out of thicker material. It worked a little better.
Well since we had nothing keeping us in Greenville that weekend, we decided to go to the Halloween Party at our old ward in Fayetteville. It was on Halloween night and started at 4. We had chilli then there was a haunted house and the truck or treat. We also received lots of complements on our costumes. After the church party, we went Trick or Treating with our friends the Bremmer's. They dressed up as characters from Peter Pan. Their newest member was Tinkerbell while Ethan was Capt. Hook. But Maddie called him her "Prince Eric" which is Ariel's sweetheart from the movie. LOL It was cute. We walked around their neighborhood and Jason's mom, Sharon came along too.
I'm affraid that we didn't get any real good pictures of all of us but here's a few just so you can see what we looked like.