Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh so much...where do I start???

Well as I'm sure you have noticed it again, has been months since my last blog and no time has not stood still so Yes, there are many, many things that should have been posted but wasn't. I will try to remember the best I can but most likely a lot will be left out. Starting all the back to Dec...We moved back to Hope Mills and Jason is working for an Orthopedic Surgeon. We found a nice house in the Bridlewood Subdivision off of Chicken Foot Rd(Hope Mills Rd) in Hope Mills. It is out towards the country but not far from town. We love living here but we are only renting. It is for sale so we will see what happens in the future. Our house is a 2 story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. It has a bonus room which is mostly a play room for the kids and has a futon for guests but also houses my laundry "closest". We have a wonderful in-ground pool and still room for a swingset and trampoline. Jason loves the yard and has been spending a lot of time making it his own with a garden and trees and tons of potted plants. Right on the other side (back side) of our fence is a elementary school which has a playground that we can use. We have nice neighbors. Maddie also has a playmate right next door. Her new friend, Krista is only one year older than her. They play together all the time. It's nice!!
Back to Jason's job...He is working at an office called Allen Orthopedics with Dr. Allen being the owner. There are quite a lot of people that work there, mostly front office staff and Med-techs. Besides Jason and Dr. Allen, there is a Nurse Practitioner named Vic. Vic is truely the nicest, most genuinely caring guys you will ever meet. Jason and Vic have lunch together everyday. And every once in a while the kids and I will meet them for lunch as well. Jason says he enjoys working with everyone there...except Dr. Allen. Doc just has issues with the way he treats people. He feels that he has to teach and correct everyone about everything (like even how to properly lick and seal an envelope, and I'm serious). I also feel that he thinks a little highly of himself. I could go on and most definitely Jason could too about all the things that drive us crazy about Dr. Allen. He has always been so kind to me and so has his wife, Karen. She is so very sweet. I feel bad for her cuz I know it's not easy. They have 3 kids. Julia is like 13, David is 11 and Nick is 6. They are good kids and very polite. I guess their mother taught them well. LOL As do, Victor and Vonda (Paquin). Their kids are soooo well behaved. Nathan is 11 and Rachel is 9 and such great kids. Vonda is Vic's wife and she is a Hoot!!! She is loud and crazy but you just gotta love her. There is never a boring moment with Vonda. You are just always laughing when you are around her. I don't get to see her much but it's fun when I do. She's a teacher in Lumberton. I really only see her when there is some kinda event that we are suppose to attend.
Back in April, there was a conference that we attended. Vic and Vonda couldn't go so it was just Jason, Dr. Allen, Karen, and I. We did have Sharon come with us to watch the kids. It was held in Kiawah Island, SC. It's off the coast of SC about 30 mins from Charleston. It's gorgeous there. It is a golf resort so of course it is SUPER FANCY and PRICEY!!! Thank goodness Doc plays for almost everything there. We had a nice time. It was relaxing and Sharon was so helpful with the kids.
As for the job and moving that's about it. I'll update some more soon.

Poor, Poor Blog!!!

Dear Blog,

I just wanted to tell you I'm sorry for the all the neglect in the past months. I am just really bad at all this. I have never been good at keeping in touch, just ask Jason (when on his mission) or any of my friends from past places I've lived. I will try not to neglect you like I have in the past...if you'd give me a second chance. ??? I truly do want to keep you informed so that my family will have you to look back on in the years to come and have memories jotted down and remember them in the future. Thank you for being so forgiving.

Your one and only Blogger,

Monday, March 15, 2010

My Oh My!!!

Wow it has been MONTHS since my last blog. And all the things that has happened since my last blog that I would need to update you on, makes me exhausted just thinking about it. Sooooo, I'm not. Sorry if you were just dying to find out what we have been up to but there's just to much. I'm just going to sum it up.

Well we moved back to Hope Mills (small town outside of Fayetteville) in Dec. Jason is working for an orthopedic surgeon. He is learning a lot and really enjoys this field of choice. He works 20 mins away in a city 20 miles south of us in Lumberton. He works long hours but hopefully it will pay off. We all are so glad to be back "home". We enjoy spending more time with our family and that they can see the kids more often.

This week Jonas turned 2 and we had a big party for him. We had lots of family and friends to celebrate with. It was a lot of fun and we had a great time!!! Thanks to everyone who may read this that was here Sat. You all made it a great and very special day for our sweet little boy.

I also want to take this time to tell Jonas just how special he is to me.

Jonas, sweetie, your mommy loves you so very much. I had no idea what joy you would bring to our family. Your sweet smile and the sound of your laugh completely melts my heart and I know that I"m not the only one who feels that way. There's just something about you that I can see already even at 2. You will be a very strong, but even more loving young man. What a wonderful blessing that will be to your father and I. You are such a cuddly boy and I looooove that. I need that and I hope I never hear those dreadful words, "I'm to big for that". It would just break my heart because there is nothing else in this world better than your hugs and kisses and to hear you say Love you mommy!!! Oh Jonas Adams, I love you sweet boy!!! You are my littlest Prince Charming. I'm sooooo honored to be your mother. Daddy, Maddie and I are so blessed to have you in our family.

One recent fiasco that we had was an incident with scissors. Last monday, I was downstairs vacuuming and the kids were upstairs playing...I thought. Instead, Maddie decided to give herself a haircut and a little trim for her brother. She also gave her brother a pair of scissors in which he thought he would be creative with our sheets on our bed (brand new nice silk sheets. And it just wouldn't do it justice if I didn't post some pictures so here are a few.

Maddie's hair after she gave herself a hair cut!!

Maddie after a friend of mine fixed it. I was surprised how well it looked. (Miss Priss here)