Thursday, July 23, 2009

Make that 2!!

2, TWO!! Two gray hairs have now been found. *Tear*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wow, I can't believe it!!!

I just noticed on my little ticker that Jason only has 4 months left before he graduates. I just can't believe it. When we moved here I thought oh boy 2 years!! I just thought that it would take forever. Well it hasn't taken forever, it has actually FLOWN by. I swear, I think time just gets faster and faster with every child you have, which is upsetting b/c I just want them to stay little forever as most mothers do. I wish there really was a Neverland then I'd let them go and live with Peter Pan so they could stay babies forever. But enough with hoping and ain't gonna happen but what is going to happen is that in just a few more months Jason will be done with school and have a job and we will actually have the thing they call INCOME!!! I've almost forgotten what that is. I swear over the 6 years we have been married but even more in the last 2 since we've been here in Greenville in school, we have been abundantly blessed. It is a miracle that we have had enough money to get by every semester. We have done what we can and then our family has helped if we needed it but we have done amazingly well on our own with what we have. I don't know why the Lord has done so much for us, at times I feel that we don't deserve it but I guess He keeps blessing us just b/c He loves us.
Well like I said I just noticed the number of months left on the ticker and I got excited. I'm ready for the next step in life. Jason and I both have felt like we were in between stages. We have been married for a good number of years and we have kids but still treated kinda like kids ourselves b/c of still being in school and not in a career yet. I'm hoping that with a job that we will hopefully be looked at like adults.
We aren't exactly sure where, meaning what city, we will end up in but I think that our first choice in back in Fayetteville/Hope Mills. But just getting a job is most important whether it be here in Greenville or Fayetteville or else where and of course, the dollar signs ($$$) do count for something as well. Personally, I hate this stage, not knowing what you'll be doing in a very short period of time. Knowing that you are most likely moving but you don't know where to, knowing all the work you'll have to be doing in just a few months but you can't really start on b/c you just aren't sure what you are doing. Yeah I HATE it!!!! Oh well, there's not much I can do about it so I guess I should just stop the whining. Well thanks for listening, I do feel better. Though I may not know what's going to happen in the next little while, I'm still really excited to get there.
I know that I like never say this and I should be ashamed of myself but I want to let my husband know that I'm so proud of him and all that he has done to make sure that our family will be taken care of and happy. Thank you sweetie for all you hard work, time and sacrifice to give us a good life. I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jungle Rapids in Wilmington

This past Saturday, we joined Sharon at Jungle Rapids. I believe that this is the 3rd or 4th time that we have went. Sharon's husband, Carl, works for this company that gets tickets for all the employees and their families, so every summer we go. The weather was wonderful on Saturday. It was just perfect to spend the day out in the sun. We all had a good time. It was great to watch the kids enjoy it too. They have a kiddie section which we spent a lot of time in but they also have a lazy river and I think about 5 slides. The kids rode the lazy river with us. Jonas didn't really like it. He enjoys water that he can walk and run and roll in. Maddie rode all a lot of the slides with Jason in a double raft(tube). I hate to say it but I didn't get a lot of pictures. It's hard to keep a camera with you when you are surrounded by water. Plus I missed some of it b/c I stayed with Jonas while he was napping.

I've gotten a little ahead of myself here so I'll kinda fill you in...when we first got there we let the kids play in the kiddie area. There were 2 slides there in that area and Maddie went down one and got a face full of water which totally freaked her out and she at that point had written off water slides. But Jason was pushing her to try the other slides. Besides the two water slides, there were 2 others that were part of like a play area thing, like something at a McDonald's but you would land in the pool. Maddie would not do it. She had climbed up into the play set but wouldn't go down the slide, she just sat there and cried. So after some coaxing, she finally just climbed back down and we headed to the lunch area. During lunch, Jason took it upon himself to tell Maddie that if she didn't go down one of the other slides that she wouldn't be able to do anything else and that she'd have to sit and watch the rest of the day. I thought this was HORRIBLE!!! I told him that he was being ridiculous and that she was only 3, cut her some slack but of course he chose to keep it going. At one point Maddie had said that she would just sit in the stroller and watch instead of doing anything. Hearing her say that just broke my heart!! But after we finished lunch and we headed back to the kiddie section, she finally warmed up to the idea, she wasn't happy about it but she did it.

So now that she did that, she was able to do other things with us. This is when we went on the lazy river and after one time around Jonas was ill. I went to put Jonas to sleep and Jason, Sharon and Maddie went to the big slides. The three of them rode this one slide that is like a toilet bowl. You go down a small tunnel and then you go around and around a toilet bowl like thing until you slow down enough to get sucked down the "drain". It's really fun and Maddie liked it. There was another one that Maddie rode but it's just a regular winding slide. I think she liked those better b/c she was on a raft which kept her up out of the water so there wasn't a lot of water in her face unlike the kiddie ones. There was another slide that Jason rode. I have rode it once before and that was enough for me. It scared the POOP out of me and I don't think I'll ever ride it again. It's shaped like a U and when you start off you are going straight down and I don't even think that your raft even touches the slide. Then you get to the bottom of the U and then your momentum forces you up the other side of the U and makes you feel like you are going to fly off the edge. Yeah that's just too scary for me but here's a picture of Jason on it.

So Jason and Sharon took Maddie on those two slides that she went on while I stayed with Jonas and then Sharon came and traded spots with me. So after I had my turn on the slides with Maddie and Jason, we headed back to the kiddie area.
We let the kids play for a little bit longer and then we went to ride the go-carts that they have there. We were able to let Maddie and Jonas ride too. While we were standing in line, it took all we had to keep Jonas back. He wanted those cars so bad. Then when the actual time came to ride, he cried the whole time. He was scared. I guess he was afraid of the noise. I hadn't even thought about it until now but he's scared of the vacuum b/c of the noise so yeah I guess he'd be scared of the loud noise from the cars. Luckily I had Maddie in my car who LOVED it. She actually thought that she was driving at least until the second lap and she says, "Mommy, My thing isn't working. I can't turn this!" I thought that was funny b/c she really was trying to turn it. She was really trying to drive.
Well that pretty much sums up our day there. After the water park we had dinner and drove home. The kids were knocked out in the car. It was a long day but a ton of fun!!! Thanks for everything Sharon!!! We LOVE You!!!

What a sweetie!!

I was putting Jonas down for his nap this morning and I told him to give me a hug and a kiss which he did and then he, all on his own, started to give me "Nosies" as we call it (rub noses). It might not mean anything to you all but it just made my day. I love that sweet little boy.

And yesterday, Jason had left before Jonas woke up and so after breakfast Jonas realized that he hadn't seen his Daddy so he was just walking around the house and looking for him while calling out "Dada!! Dada!!" It was cute but sad bc he wanted his Daddy.