Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bits and Pieces of July (Random pictures)

Here is the rest of whatever was left of July...

Maddie and I made this cake for the 4th of July but since we knew that we'd be out of town we took it to Dr. J's office and shared it with Daddy and everyone there. (Dr. J is the doctor that Jason was working with then in his Family Med rotation.) Maddie really enjoyed helping me make it.

I just wanted to post a picture of Maddie's cute double french braided ponytails that she had on the 4th of July. This was taken at the Bremmer's house before we headed to the fireworks. Maddie is actually having to sit in timeout here but what's new? (I miss her long hair)

Since Jason has been riding so much and the kids always want to ride too, he thought he'd look for a bike tailor which he found for a great deal on craigslist. Here's Jonas on his first ride.

The next few pictures are of Jonas, his own little photo shoot. It was after church one Sunday and he was being funny and looking so cute so here's a few we took.

I just love the preppy look on a little boy. The long sleeve shirt with them rolled up with shorts and flip-flops. Ohhhh, I could eat him!!

Listening to Daddy's jams on the Ipod Shuffle.

What a smile/laugh!! It was so cute, he was just laying back on the pillows and listening to the music, until he grabbed the things and put them in his mouth. YUCK!!! That's why he's laughing, b/c we kept saying, "NOOOO, that's YUCKY!!!"

My handsome little man...or should I say my handsome little Jason. LOL His "mini-me".

Maddie's all ready for church in the new dress that PaPa Avery bought here for her birthday. Doesn't she look so big and mature?

Here's the cute picture of Maddie hugging Scout that I had told you about previously in the post about the Kinston Indians Game. This picture was taken by Jason's friend, Tatyana. Maddie likes Taty so much that she named one of her baby dolls after her.

The kiddos in their "jammies" giving their good night hugs. Maddie just loves that Jonas will give her hugs now. I love it too!! My sweet babies loving on each other. It makes me smile.

On the way to Maddie's Pre-school there is a little shop (downtown G'ville) that makes garden sculptures from scrap metal. I will have to say that not very often does anything catch my eye but this one did, of course it is like 10 feet high or more. As you can tell it's a horse but it really is beautiful. I thought it was cool enough to take a picture of and share.

So as I had posted previously, Jason has been training for his upcoming triathlon. He was riding in the neighborhood and came up on a car that was starting to back out of his driveway and he just didn't see Jason so instead of plowing into the car, Jason decided to just lay 'er down. These are his war wounds. It has left a nasty scar. He had some minor scrapes down his leg and ankle bone and that shirt he has on has a hole in the shoulder now. But I'm just glad that he's not hurt any more than that.

Maddie loves to play in the rain. Well actually she loves to have a reason to wear her rain coat and boots. She wanted a pair of rain boots for a while and I finally found a pair on sale so now she begs to play in the rain. What little kid doesn't like to splash in puddles?!

Maddie has learned how to open Jonas' childproof doorknob thingy and so this is what I find when I go in to get him out. Two cuties instead of one!! Those little stinkers.

One night Maddie was getting ready for bed and when I went in to say prayers and read scriptures with her, this is what I found. It made me smile to see the two of them together like this. Maddie and Boomer BFF!!!! LOL

I know it isn't really anything to brag about but just so we can look back later and see...here's the bicycle I made out of fondant for Jason's birthday cake. I had purchased an ice creak cake for him this year but I wanted to add a bit of a personal touch so a bike it is. This was the only picture taken from Jason's birthday, again I suck at remembering to take pictures. On Jason's birthday(7/30), we had Kevin and Tiffany Johnson (Kevin's also a PA Student) over for Jason's fave...a steak dinner and then some cake and video games. We also went to Fayetteville that weekend and had dinner with Sharon and Oma (Jason's mom and grandma). We stayed the night with his Dad and Tresea. We grilled out, played in the pool and had cake too. It was a nice weekend.