Thursday, September 25, 2008

More pics of my 2 babies

As Maddie said, "Jonas look so cute!!" (The kids at home after church.)

What a good big sister...and a cute one too.

My two cutie-patooties!!!

You just can't get much cuter than these two!!! **SQUEEZE**

The Biggest Little ECU Pirate Fans!!! GOOO PIRATES!!! Ok SO is this NOT stinking ADORABLE!!! Jonas is wearing a little ECU Football uniform and Maddie usually would wear her Cheerleading uniform but it was an away game and so she just wore her ECU tshirt. But still soooo cute!!

Arrrgh!! Here be my lil pirate!! Don't ya just wanna squeeze him, he's just so cute and cuddly!!

Here's my little princess!! Maddie is sporting a little doggie carrier purse and some Snow White Princess Dress-up shoes. Doesn't she look lovely! She LOVES to dress up esp. SHOES and purses!!! My kinda girl ;o)!!! This was taken at her friend Carman's house while we watched the NC State and ECU game.

Here's the two buds just hangin out together watching a movie. Jonas was about to fall asleep here though but I just had to get a pic.

**Ok so after looking back over what I wrote here it seems I have a serious problem...
I think my kids are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE and I'm COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH THEM!!! But I wouldn't have it any other way and I'm sure all parents feel like this with their own children too. And just so my kids know, Mommy LOVES YOU TWO!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My TWO babies!!!!

Sometimes when I'm holding Jonas, Maddie will say, "Momma, hold two babies." Which of course means she wants me to hold her too. I think it's sweet and I love to hold my two babies. Especially since she won't be still for very long for me to hold and snuggle her, I cherish those moments. Well here are some pics of my 2 babies!!!

I don't know why Jonas doesn't have any clothes on here. It's a possibility that he either peed, pooped, or puked all over them. LOL!!

Maddie cheesin for the camera and Jonas looks like he's in LaLa Land.

Here's Maddie playing doctor on Jonas. One of her favorite things to do but she enjoys being the patient more.

Jonas and Maddie chillin watching their Baby Einstein movie. Well actually I think Jonas was trying to see if he could fit his whole hand in his mouth and as you can see, he's pretty close.

2 year olds are just funny!!!

So here are some funny things that Maddie has been doing/saying lately...

The other day we were watching a football game and Maddie pointed to the referee and said, "Look like a zebra".

One day, I had bought Jonas some new onesies b/c he is growing to fast but anyway, Maddie likes to help me open them and look at the little pictures or designs on them. Well let me back up here, we have taught Maddie that Jesus loves her and that mommy and daddy love her and Jonas and we go thru the family and tell her that they love her. Well on this day when we were looking at the clothes, there was a shirt that had a dog, lion and a frog on it. Maddie says, "they looove Madison so much". And she has also said that PeeDee(ECU mascot) loves Madison and all the princesses love Madison. Everyone loves Madison!!!

Jonas is now saying "DaDa" though he doesn't yet recognize Jason as being DaDa. But the other day, Jonas kept saying da-da over and over and I was just playing around and said, No Jonas say Ma-Ma. Maddie heard me and now every time Jonas says Da-da, Maddie says NO JONAS SAY MAMA!!!

I have been trying to teach Maddie her whole name. But when you ask her she says her name is Madison Lena Adams. She's almost got it. LoL

So I'd say that Maddie is now completely potty trained (well not at night yet) but hey I'm happy with where we are at. Well today Maddie was going poo-poo in the potty and she called out to me, "Mommy come clean you"

You all may not find these funny or cute like Jason and I have but I thought I'd share them with you guys.

Good news!!!

The PIRATES are still ranked unlike I had said in the previous blog. We aren't 15th anymore but we are still in the ranking at 23, I believe.

GOOOOO PIRATES!!! For this weeks game, Beat those Houston Cougars!!!