Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Funny things from my 2 yr old (PART 2)

Today's funny was:

I was finishing up with lunch. Maddie had already finished and she was playing in her room. I didn't hear anything for a while so I called out for her but she didn't answer so I called again then I heard her. I asked her what she was doing and again nothing. So then I asked her, "Madison are you making a mess?" This time she does answer me and she said YES. I was trying to hurry and finish feeding Jonas but I also asked her what she was making a mess with and then I heard what no mother wants to hear...the word POOP!!!
So I said, "Your making a mess with your poop?" And by this time I walking down the hall and then I go into the bathroom just to find that she meant she had left some poop streaks in the toilet. PHEW!!! Thank goodness that's all she meant. LOL!!!

(Sorry to anyone who was disgusted by this)

Baking Bundts with Baby

Step 1 is to choose the right pan.
Step 2 is to push it around the floor to see how durable it is and also to see what kind of noise it makes while doing so.
And now Step 3 is to inspect it and see how much droll it will hold .

More random picture of my cute babies!!!

So the kids were playing together in Jonas' room, I thought nothing of it b/c they do it all the time but then a little voice yells out to me and says, "Mommy I'm stuck" so I run in to see what she meant and this is what I find. I think she's having an identity crisis. As you can see she has his paci in her mouth and a bib, his socks on her feet and his socks on her hands. The socks on her hands are mittens she said b/c we used to put socks on Jonas' hands when he was little so he wouldn't scratch himself. All I can say to this is, WHAT A SILLY BILLY CRACKER JACK!!

I also like the fact that Jonas is in the first picture looking up at her like, Ummmm what are you doing in my bed??? And in the second picture, though she is being a stinker and I know that she is my little girl, but aren't her eyes just so heart melting? *kiss kiss*

I know by now you ALL know, but Maddie loves to play dress up so here is another picture of her all dressed up like Aurora(Sleeping Beauty). But this is one of my favorites b/c I love the way she posed for the camera. (the foot pose) Oh and it's funny b/c her crown is on backwards but who cares she's still a princess.

Here are a few pictures of Jonas playing with Maddie's Valentines balloon and his little hammer.

Here I'm trying to get him to walk to me but of course he won't. Little CHICKEN BUTT!!!

He's not really pointing in this picture but he does point at everything and mumbles something that sounds like "what's that?" It's cute!!

Here's a few pics of the kids from this past Sunday. They are having fun playing with these new baskets that we got.
She wouldn't smile for anything in these pictures but at least I got some kind of reaction in the second picture, though it wasn't the reaction I wanted. (Her famous silly face)

I might not have gotten any good ones of Maddie but I did luck up and get at least 3 good ones of Jonas. These two here I liked and the other pic I posted in the blog about Jonas turning one so make sure to see that picture on that blog. In the first picture I actually did get him to stand for me but nuh-huh, no walking. And see there in the second picture! That's the smile that makes me melt. I love love love that picture!!!!!!

Well I don't have too many of these but here is one (crappy one) of me and the kids. Maddie likes it when I carry/hold them both and she always says " Mommy has TWO BABIES" so here I am with my TWO BABIES!!! My two precious babies.

Here are just some random shots of Maddie.
She doesn't smile much for the camera so I just take, take take, hoping to get a good one. The first one wasn't so bad then I caught her in the second one doing raspberries and then of course another goofy picture of Maddie in the last one. But I did show her this one after I took it and she laughed and laughed, a good belly laugh. She is so silly!!!

Play Time with Joey and Bug!!

Some pics of the kids playing around.

Here's Maddie teaching Jonas how to make this toy work.

The kids playing together in Jonas' room. Or maybe they are fighting b/c this is actually Jonas' bike that Maddie is riding on.

Jonas and Maddie dancing with each other. How cute!!!

The kids have found a new hiding place. How funny is that!! A prime example of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" LOL

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Maddie is a Big Kid Now

In Madison's words, "I a big gull (girl)now, I go to skool!!!

And so she is. She's a whole whopping 2 1/2 these days. But boy does she think she's 16. Does that mean we are in trouble when she IS 16? Ohhhh I don't want to think about that, it gives me bad chills. LOL Well she is a big girl now and she is in pre-school. She goes Tues and Thurs from 9-12. She really likes it. And do you know how I know? Well b/c on Sundays she usually asks for me to stay 2 mins and she hasn't asked for that yet. She just goes in and starts playing. And when I go to pick her up, she isn't ready to leave. (it's kind of embarrassing too) But I'm glad that she enjoys it. It's great for all of us. Well I took a few pics of her on her first day of school and then this morning I took a few of her in her classroom. So here they are:

Madison's ready for school.

One with a smile!

This is what she did after her first day of school while I fixed her lunch. BTW this never happens!!
The dogs took advanage of this rare situation too.

This is the reenergized Madison after her nap. This is also one of her new favorite things to do...COLOR!!!! She's learned how to stay in the lines too, well almost. ;o)

Here she is being her normal CRAZZZY self.

Hard at work on her Beauty and the Beast picture.

Another picture of my silly girl (with my lil boy playing in the background.)

Here are the pictures of her at school today.

The first thing that she wanted to do was to show me that this baby talks.

Here she is playing with a little doll house that she likes.

Here she is sitting by her friend getting ready for craft time.

Last picture as I"m saying good-bye.

Time has flown by

It's only 2 weeks until Jonas turns ONE!!!!

I can't believe that it's even time to post something like this but it is. It seems as if it should only be 6 months that has past but it's been almost a whole year. What a wonderful little boy I have. He is sooo sweet. He loves to give hugs and it just makes me melt. He is smiley and flirty. He loves to be cuddled but he's also good at just hanging out in his room and playing with his toys (or Maddie's room). I know that all mothers feel this way but can't put into words of just how much I love my baby boy. I don't even want to think about what it will be like to send my little boy (no matter how big) off to school or mission or heaven forbid, MARRIAGE!! LOL It will break my heart. I know it may sound like I love him more than Madison but it's just different. There's just something about my little boy. I suppose that it's what Jason feels about his little girl.

You know I never thought that it would be like this. I was totally not happy to find out that I was pregnant a month after Madison had turned 1. I felt like I just had a baby, just like I feel now with Jonas, how it doesn't feel like a year. I mean she was still just a baby and there I was getting ready to do this all over again. BUT boy am I glad now!!! I can't believe that I wasn't happy about this little person coming into our family. I can't and don't want to think about what life would be like without him. Sometimes I look at him and think about those times and feel so evil for ever thinking that way. Though things weren't all hunky-dorie at first. It was hard trying to comfort a colicky baby that just wouldn't stop crying. And I just want to give a shout out to Jason's parents and mine too b/c we were both colicky and so I just want to say THANK YOU for NOT KILLING US!! LOL No but seriously, it's rough!! But we made through those times and now here we are with the first milestone of birthdays.

Well I guess I'll end by saying, Jonas, Mommy loves you with all her heart!! You are a very special little boy. I'm glad you are mine.

And I'll dedicate this to all the mothers out there who just aren't ready for there little ones to grow up, however old they may be.

Funny things from my 2 yr old

This is what she said after I asked her why she was naked.
"Cus I have to dance in my nakey!" And she did. "

Madison you need to calm down, you are acting crazy.
"That's not fun, Mom."

"Mommy wake up, it's 16 o'clock."

This was said after I told her that she was being mean and ugly to Jonas.
"Mommy I not ugly, I beautiful like a princess. "

I love being a mom, though at times I get frustrated but these are the things that bring laughter in your life, don't you agree? I love my little girl!!!