Friday, August 7, 2009

The month of July

So again, I'm blogging about the past. There was a lot that happened in the month of July that I just never got around to blogging about. July was a VERY busy month and we did a lot of fun stuff. I did get a blog in about our 4th of July...Fantasy Lake and the Hope Mills Fireworks. I also blogged about our day at Jungle Rapids in Wilmington with Grandma(Sharon). There was some other stuff that we did too.

On Sat. July 11, we went to our first Kinston Indians Game (Baseball). A doctor that Jason worked with during one of his rotations, bought the tickets for all the students that had been on that rotation. Jason said that he was a very kind and personable doctor. He must be, to have bought all of our tickets. I won't lie, the game wasn't very entertaining but I didn't get to see most of it with the kids there. They just couldn't sit still. The nice thing about the stadium is that they have a playground. I took the kids there after a little while. Maddie really liked that b/c she made a couple of friends. It was cute. Maddie and 2 other little girls were running around holding hands and playing. Maddie was very good at helping Jonas. Jonas at this point was still scared a little of slides but Maddie was always ready and waiting at the bottom to check him. Another thing that Maddie loved about the game was the bobble head Scout Dog that we got at the gate. It was a long game especially with 2 tired kids and we lost but I'm still glad that went. I'd like to go again, just minus 2 kids next time. Well here's the pics...

Jason and the kids watching the game.

Here is Maddie holding her Scout Bobble-head. (Second Pic) Here is the real Scout!! He's the Mascot as you can see. (Rear the end of the game Maddie did have her picture taken with Scout but a friend took it with her camera.)

Here's Maddie sliding down behind her new friend that she made. Jonas waiting to slide until Sissy can come catch him. (This is that new playground I was telling you about)

A family pic before we headed home.

Here's some more about the month of July...

On July 24th, we went to visit my family in Charlotte. This wasn't just any regular visit, it was a bit more special. My aunt, Debbie and her 5 year old son, Kyle were also visiting. I was pretty excited b/c I haven't seen her much since I've been married. She lives in Bowling Green, KY where my family used to live for a few years while I was in high school. It had been 2 years since I last saw her and even longer before that. She isn't just an aunt to me, she's more like my sister. We are only 7 years apart and I spent a lot of time with her when we were growing up. She even lived with us (in my parents house) for a few years when I was like 14 or something. Anyway, so like I was saying she is my "sister" not really an aunt. So I was really going to see her not my mom and dad per say. She's having another baby which is great. She only has one 5 year old little boy so I'm really hoping she'll have a girl even though she says that she doesn't care. I didn't really get to spend to much time with her but even a few days is better than none. With all the people that were in that house at one time we needed to find something for the kids to do so we ventured out to the "Oh so Famous Chuck E. Cheese". The kids enjoyed themselves. Here's some pictures...

Jason and Maddie in a simulator of a Roller Coaster.

Maddie riding on her beautiful white stallion.

And now Jonas' turn. He loved this ride.

Jonas just crusin with his good ole friend, Chuck (E. Cheese, that is!)

Add ImageThe two partners in crime...driving in a monster truck!!

While we were in CLT , a friend of my Dad gave us his old wooden swing set. Now when I say old, I just mean his old one b/c he got a new (bigger) one. It isn't old. It's in great shape. We are excited about it. But of course b/c we are in an apt right now, we left it at my parents house. When we have a house and a yard to put it in then we will get it but until then, the kids will have something to do at Grandad and GiGi's house.

The Month of June

I know that this is pretty crazy but just for my own future use and a reference... I'm going back a few months and posting some pictures and blog about some things that I missed about the month of June.

Here's a picture of Jason(&Maddie) on his new bike. He has entered into a Triathlon that is scheduled for Aug. 28th. For Jason to do so, he needed a bike. Participating in a triathlon is one of Jason's life goals so he has been working/training really hard for it. He found this Trek 720 on Craigslist and got a great deal on it and it's in great condition. Maddie likes to ride around the parking lot with him. She just grabs her a stool cushion and hops on. In this picture, Jason and her are sharing iPod earphones and riding. What a cute pair!!!

Here's just another picture I threw in b/c they were being so cute. They were sitting on Maddie's bed and she had a book that she was "reading" to Jonas. She did a great job making up a story to follow the pictures in the book. She's a creative little girl. And hey, it had to be pretty interesting for it to keep Jonas still for 2 seconds or more. :o) OHHH I love my babies!!!

Maddie's 3 yr old photos

Maddie turned 3 in June and the first week of July we had her pictures taken at JCPenney's in Fayetteville. While we were there I had the lady take pictures of the kids together as well. First, here are the pictures of Maddie:
The first here is the one that we have hanging up on the wall, along side Jonas' 1 yr pic.

This picture just makes me want to cry b/c she looks so grown-up. But I think she looks so sweet and beautiful, too.

This is the real Maddie. She loves books!! This book is also a special one b/c her favorite animal is the owl. We had checked this book out so many times at the library that I finally just decided to buy it. But this picture will always be special b/c it shows the real Maddie and what she liked at age 3.

Now here are the pictures of the kids together. I thought these pictures were so cute b/c it captured them. The first picture was totally random. I told Maddie to make Jonas smile and she just does what she always does and she got up in his face and just stares...and he laughs. It wasn't meant to be like this but she took the picture anyway and it's one of my faves b/c again..."it's them". This is what they are like everyday of the week.
The second picture is of them reading books together. We read a lot of books in this house so I just like to have pictures that capture who we are.

Since we still had some time the lady took a few of Joey, as well.
Here's Jonas with one of his favorite toys...a ball that lights up. In this picture he is actually turning the ball around to find the button to turn the blinky light on. It's his favorite ball.

Second picture is just a funny one of Joey. I didn't really like this one but Jason did. I mean it is funny but, well...idk. It's Jonas doing his belly laugh.

Monday, August 3, 2009


So this morning has been nothing but one mess after another. First thing, I go into the kitchen to make the kids breakfast and I had a situation with the trash that needed to be taken care of. Believe me you don't want to was messy!! I asked Maddie to take Jonas in his room and play with him while I cleaned it all up. I was relieved that they were happily occupied while I was tending to the trash issue, until I saw what they were actually doing. OHHHHHH BOY!!! I wanted to hurt someone. I didn't but I wanted to!!! I just sent Maddie to her room until I calmed down then I asked her to help me clean it up. So you're wondering what they did, aren't you?!?!?! Well here are some pictures...

So now do you know?? Yes, baby powder!! EVERYWHERE!!! Of course, you can probably see that Jonas was the victim here. He was covered. I couldn't even see his scalp b/c there was like 5 layers of powder on his head. It was all over the room. OH what a mess to clean up. After I calmed down I had Maddie go in and clean as much as she could and then I did my best to vacuum it up and dust things off.
So this has been my morning and all that was done before 8 am. All I have left to say is...CALGON, TAKE ME AWAY!!!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

His Boy TOY!!

What a birthday gift he (Jason) got!!! well here it is, check it out!!

This is Jason's very first picture on his very first bike.

Taking a ride around the neighborhood.

What a sweet ride!!!

Jason riding it after we got it back home to Greenville. (He bought it in Fayetteville)

Maddie sitting on it with Daddy. No she didn't ride it, none of us have. She was only sitting.