Thursday, July 30, 2009

HILL-AIR -REE-US Stuff from my 3 year old

This morning we were leaving to go to the store and I was telling Maddie, "Come on Bug, get in the car." "Bug, in the car please." Then she finally got in and I said, "Thank you, Princess!!" Then she says this:
MJ: Mommy you call me, Bug and Princess.
Me: Yep, I sure do. I call you lots of things, don't I?
MJ: (Turns and looks at Jonas) Jonas, I call you Grasshopper and Mommy, I call you 'Squito (you know as in Mosquito.)

While we were at the store, we bought some of those blow horns for Jason's birthday today and Maddie wanted to play with one but I told her that we couldn't play with them until we got home. So what does she ask for as soon as we pull up to the house...the horn. I think she asked about 3 or 4 times before I could even open the door. Each time she asked for the blower thingy as she called it, I told her that she'd have to wait, and then to hold on a second and then on the 4th time that she asked for it I said, " Madison!!! It's called PATIENCE!!" And then she said just so sweetly, "Mommy I want a patience please." Oh man, did I laugh!!! How cute and funny is that!!! LOL

So like I said today is Jason's birthday and I was do some decorations for Jason's cake and so Maddie wanted to do what I was doing so I gave her some of the fondant icing I was working with and then she wanted to add coloring to hers too so I helped her do that. After kneeding the fondant and red coloring together her hands were covered with the coloring so when she was all done playing with it, I threw her in the bath. When she got out her hands and a few small spots elsewhere were stained pink. She got dressed and came running into with living room where Jason and I were and saying, "Look, I'm PINKILICIOUS!!!" We, like usual, laughed at her. She's just so darn cute. I do have to tell you that she didn't come up with that word on her own. One of her favorite books is titled, "Pinkilicious". It is a cute book and if you have a little girl, I'm sure she'd love it too. It's about a little girl who eats so many pink cupcakes that she turns pink herself.

Well that about does it on the funny stories today but I"m sure there'll be more tomorrow. It's all laughs here at the Adams House!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't believe a word of it...

While I'm washing clothes, Maddie walks behind me headed to her room. She was carrying her little "time out" chair and says to me b/c I have a puzzled look on my face, "Don't worry Mommy, I'm doing nothing!" And I think to myself, come on do you think I really believe that!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Prayers of a HOPEFUL 3 year old

Jason and I have been talking about baby #3 and we think that we'll start trying in Dec. That will make Jonas and Baby 2 1/2 years or more apart which I think will be good. Maddie already is a little mommy and I think by the time another baby comes she'll be GREAT!!! So today she said, and she has said this before, "Mommy, I want you to have another baby in your belly." And since the topic has been opened I went with it.
Me: "So Maddie, you would like another baby in our family?"
MJ: Yes Mommy!!
Me: Would like another boy baby or a girl baby?
MJ: A girl baby.
Me: So you would like a sister?
MJ: We have a sister. ME! I'm a sister but I want a sister.
Me: So you have a brother and now you would like a sister?
MJ: Yes mommy!!

So then I took the opportunity to explain that Heavenly Father blesses us with whatever he sees that we need for our family. I told her that if Heavenly Father thinks that we need a girl then we'll have a girl or if He thinks that we need a boy then we'll have a boy.

MJ: Well I want HF to give us a girl.
Me: I think I'd like another girl too.
MJ: (In Prayer says) Dear Heavenly Father, please bless mommy with a baby girl in her belly. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!
MJ: Mommy, I say I prayer for you to have a girl, K?
Me: (Laughing) Oh, ok sweetie. Thank you!!