Saturday, May 30, 2009

Petting Zoo

On Friday, May 15th the kids and I went to a different Strawberry patch than we normally go. It was our Play Group Activity. So a few kids from church and their Mom's came to pick some strawberries. Since we had already picked some this season, I wasn't much into picking them, plus all the good ones were gone. We pick one some pint bucket full and that was it. At this farm they too had a small petting zoo. The kids enjoyed that much more than the strawberry picking. Here's what they had:

Maddie just loved that she could get this close to them and pet them.
She hugged and kissed this baby.

Maddie feeding the Momma Goat some hay.

Here is Maddie(above) and Jonas (below) petting and feeding the goats hay.

The kids checking out the bunnies. Jonas just giggled when the bunnies would hop around.

Some pictures of the beautiful peacock that was there. I was so excited that I actually caught a pic of him with his feathers all fanned out. There's just something amazing about peacocks, well I think there is anyway.

I've got to add this little story. Well Maddie was just capativated with the goats and so I was showing Jonas the peacock. Maddie was standing right behind me and all of a sudden she let out a loud sqeaul, followed by crying and tears. I asked her what was wrong but she just can't crying but when she finally calmed down a little she told me that the mommy goat ate her hair. LOL I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. Yes, I laughed. The momma goat would put her front legs up on the gate and could lean out some and so Maddie was standing there and she grabbed her bangs and started to chew. I think it scared Maddie more than it really hurt. We both laughed about it once she had gotten over it.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The FIRST Father/Son Campout

A few weeks ago, our ward held a father/son campout. Though Jonas is young and not able to really participate in many activities, Jason and Jonas did go. It was held at an LDS Camping Ground in Eagles Nest, NC. It's an hour away, right in the middle of Greenville and Fayetteville. They got there around dinner time on Friday night and then left after breakfast on Sat. They didn't do much of anything except mingle but it was enough to say that they both now had been on a Father/Son campout, but there will be many of those to attend in the years to come. But I'm glad that my boys got to attend even for a few hours. Here are a few pictures that Jason took of Jonas sleeping in the tent and then eating breakfast the next morning.

**And Chelsea, it's a banana!!! OK

A lot of catching up to do...

Mother's Day

Yes, I'm starting all the way back to Mother's Day. Well actually the Thursday before Mother's Day...Maddie's Pre-School Class had a little party for the Mom's. We had muffins and received some gifts. Here is a picture of Maddie with those items:

As you see on her right is a purplish-blue and pink painting that she did all on her own. She chose her colors and the painting tool which she is very proud to say that she got to use a paint roller. This was done on a real painting canvas so it can be framed and kept for years. Next is the item that she is holding, which is probably my fav out of the three. It's obviously a painted flower pot but this is no ordinary flower pot!! This one is OHHH SOOOO SPECIAL!!! This one holds something so sweet and dear that when the teacher handed it to me, I got a little teary-eyed. Each little flower, ladybug, frog, and butterfly was made with Madison's own little fingerprint. And at the top it says I <3 you (the heart is also her fingerprints). I'm usually not a sappy kinda person but I tell ya, getting your FIRST EVER "Mommy I made this just for you" gift will make the best of 'em cry. I will treasure it forever. And as I told my will be a sad day when that thing breaks, cuz I know it will...ONE DAY but no matter what even if it shatters and I have to glue it a hundred times and you can't even tell what it is anymore, I will never get rid of it.
The other gift to Maddie's left is a cute little card that has a poem inside called Handprints and as you can tell the front of the card is a flower made from Maddie's handprint with a few more ladybugs and a butterfly with her finger. This card is also very touching, another tear-jerker.
I think the reason that the two gifts with the hand and finger prints are so special to me is b/c when Madison was born, at that hospital, they didn't do the hand and foot prints and we didn't realize that until she was older and we never did them ourselves which now I regretted but this was a special surprise.
Here are some up close pictures of the flower pot:

Now on to real Mother's Day...
We went to see Jason's mom on Saturday night and stayed there. We went to church in our old ward in Hope Mills, where his Dad and Tresea and Grandma Joyce go as well. On Mother's Day, they always giveout something. Chocolate, a flower or something. This year it was a Mum, which normally I don't like but this was a long living flower and it was purple and actually kinda pretty but I didn't really appreciate it until I got my gift from Jason and the kids which was a NEW CAMERA!!! I have been wanting a new camera and well complaining about the old one but I didn't really think that I'd get one. BUT I DID!!!! I love it!!! It's great!!! I'm super camera happy again. I also got a new bracelet from Sharon though it was "suppose" to be from the kids it's very pretty. I like it, it's very "mom-ish" which I'm in that stage of life now. It's pink leather multi straps with a silver heart charm that says MOM. Here's a picture: Thank You, Sharon!!!

So after church and gift exchanges, we headed off to the cookout that Carl and Sharon held for the whole family on both sides. Oma came too, oh yeah Oma is what the kids call Sharon's mom instead of Great Grandma b/c she's German(100%). Well that was pretty much it for Mother's Day but it was a good one. Best one so far I think!!! Oh and Jason, Thank you again, sweetie for the camera. I really do love it and I love you!!! XOXOXOXO

And I love my babies and I'm so glad to be their Mommy!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who do you see?

I did this a few months ago but I thought I'd do it again since I did find a picture of Jason at 3 and I just did the Jason/Jonas comparison. So here is Jason and Maddie and I at the age of 3 or around that. So who does Maddie look like?

Father like Son...I really don't have to say anything else, do I? The first picture is Jason at a year old and the bottom picture is Jason at 18 months and then Jonas' year old photo in the middle. There's just no denying it, Jonas is Jason's Mini-Me, but maybe just a little cuter!!!

I remember these from my childhood and I just thought that summed up my life. Does anyone else out there feel the same? Only thing is, is that these women just hop into the bath without a second thought...that doesn't happen here at my house unless it's between the hours of 10pm and 5am and after my long day with the kids, at 10pm, I JUST WANT TO GO TO BED!!!! I mean Geez, I can't even go to the bathroom by myself. :o)