Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkins and more...

Well this year was just like any year. We went and picked out our pumpkins. Each one of us get our very own. So here we were with 4 nicely rounded pumpkins with some big hopes and dreams for them. But then, just as last year, the week of Halloween we set out to carving all our pumpkins but only 2 were carved. Jason and I help the kids with theirs. Maddie again this year chose an OWL (her fave) and Jonas (with a little help) chose a spider. Jason was teamed up with Maddie and I with Jonas. Jason did really well on the owl one but then Maddie decided that she wanted to rip off a piece of the carving, a fairly important piece...THE FACE. Jason then had to rig it with tooth picks, it still looked nice. While I was carving Jonas' spider, somehow, I forgot to trace one of the legs so therefore when I was cutting it, I only cute 7 legs and not 8. No one really noticed but me anyway so who cares. They both looked great in the end. Here's some pictures of our pumpkin carvings.